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28 March 2015 - 6:09pm

Gerhard Schroeder: sanctions are no longer needed

The international community should stop and cease developing the spiral of sanctions, which entails an increase in tensions, resulting in violence and the deaths of innocent people. This statement was made by former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder.

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29 March 2015 - 7:02pm

Events of March 1918 (Part 1)

Report to the Chairman of the Extraordinary Investigation Commission, by a member of the same committee, A.E.Kluge, on cases of violence inflicted on the Muslim population of Baku
28 March 2015 - 6:18pm

The concept of the Armenian state must be different from that of the diaspora

Who and why PanArmenian needs declaration to the 100th anniversary of the "Armenian genocide"
28 March 2015 - 3:20pm

Ukraine: A view from Germany

Politicians continue to condemn the "annexation" of  Crimea, but eventually resign themselves to the fact that the peninsula will never again belong to Ukraine
27 March 2015 - 8:09pm

How will the Armenians of Georgia celebrate April 24?

Will Tbilisi calmly meet tragic date - with the inherent dignity of the multinational people of Georgia
25 March 2015 - 8:12pm

A Disputed Genocide: The Massacres of 1894-96

Chapters from the book by Guenter Lewy
24 March 2015 - 7:24pm

Armenia's external debt reaches critical point

The additional sum of $500 million will only make life for the population tougher

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Mar 28 2015 - 18:57

Open air celebrations at Nowruz Bayram in Israel

"It is important that we welcome spring together"

Mar 28 2015 - 16:57

Washington Post: "By applying sanctions against Russia, the US and the EU expected to eliminate a geopolitical competitor"

Western press on Russian economyand Iranian nuclear program

Mar 28 2015 - 16:23

A country without enemies is preparing for presidential elections

The reaction of the key global players to the Kazakh elections will be positive

Mar 27 2015 - 18:49

Georgian press review (March 20-26)

Low social approval of government, complicated economic situation, visa-free regime with EU states

Forbes: "Moscow managed to make the country attractive for foreign capital"

Western media on Russian economy, Kyrgyz policy, and Iranian nuclear program Mar 27 2015 - 14:00

Turnover between Russia and Israel exceeds $3 billion

Moscow is ready to develop “diversified mutually beneficial relations” with Tel Aviv Mar 27 2015 - 12:27

Moscow and Tehran have a common position on Yemen’s situation

Hossein Amir-Abdollahian: “We have a joint plan of actions for fighting extremism and terrorism in the region” Mar 27 2015 - 11:42

It is necessary to protect young people from extremism, Sergei Melikov says

Fighting criminal groups in the North Caucasus demands more than the work of security services Mar 27 2015 - 11:19