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21 October 2014 - 2:33pm

Eurasian information space is fragmented, expert says

Eduard Poletayev, the editor-in-chief of the Mir Yevrazii magazine, said at a session of the Club of Young Eurasian Politologists in Bishkek that the Eurasian information space was fragmented and needed integration. He noted that the crisis in Ukraine had pushed out the topic of values of Eurasian integration from discussions in Moscow, Astana, Pavlodar, Novosibirsk.

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21 October 2014 - 2:41pm

German communists demand report on Karabakh from their government

The role of Germany in the process of the settlement
20 October 2014 - 11:32am

Is Germany ready to equip terrorists with arms?

The struggle against Islamic State could harm German-Turkish relations
17 October 2014 - 10:35am

Military field alliance

Russian and Azerbaijani armies to be friends
16 October 2014 - 12:44pm

How Turkey is pitted against Russia

The annexation of Crimea acts as a detonator, pitting Ankara against Moscow
15 October 2014 - 8:38am

New political situation created in Armenia

Opposition takes the fight beyond parliament
14 October 2014 - 8:13am

EAEU and Karabakh draught

How much will Russia pay for Armenia’s integration into the new union?

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Oct 21 2014 - 10:17

Smart Caucasus 2014

A contest of young journalists, political scientists, economists, sociologists

Oct 21 2014 - 14:32

Zarui Postanjan: radicalism as goal in itself in politics - 2

Why a lawmaker voices a more radical position than the opposition

Oct 21 2014 - 14:36

Karabakh conflict impedes regional development

Polad Bulbulogly: “Without its resolution, it is hard to talk about development at all”

Oct 21 2014 - 14:17

Prospects of Kyrgyzstan integrating into the Customs Union

are discussed in Bishkek

Ukrainian results of the Milan summit

Rejection of ideological layers and return to pragmatic bases are possible Oct 21 2014 - 13:46

Trans-Caspian Pipeline needs consensus

A solution can only be found in searches for a five-sided compromise Oct 21 2014 - 13:18

What could contacts between Russian and Kazakhstani nationalists entail?

Asks Andrey Grozin Oct 21 2014 - 13:16

Falls in prices of oil damages Russia, Iran and Venezuela

which are the main geopolitical foes of the U.S. Oct 21 2014 - 12:18