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19 April 2015 - 11:18am

Russia and Turkey enter top five of Azerbaijan’s trading partners

Italy, the USA, Germany, Turkey and Russia were the five main trading partners of Azerbaijan in the first quarter of 2015. The main supplier of goods to the country in March of this year was the United States. Italy once again received the status of the main trading partner, ahead of the Americans in this category. 

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18 April 2015 - 8:32pm

Problematic April for Turkey

Sentiments over the recognition or non-recognition of genocidal killings of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire a century ago are igniting 
17 April 2015 - 4:41pm

Kazakhstan opens EEU for Turkey

"The Eurasian Economic Union will open up opportunities for Turkish business to enter new markets," Nursultan Nazarbayev believes
16 April 2015 - 4:40pm

Ashgabat drifts toward Seoul

Rapprochement between Turkmenistan and South Korea looks promising for the Central Asian states
15 April 2015 - 7:50pm

Iran prepares for de-isolation – 2

What does the nuclear deal between the West and Iran offer the South Caucasus region?
13 April 2015 - 9:43pm

Iran prepares for de-isolation – 1

What does the nuclear deal between the West and Iran offer the South Caucasus Region?
10 April 2015 - 3:15pm

A Disputed Genocide: Genocidal Consequences

Chapters from the book by Guenter Lewy

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Apr 18 2015 - 14:13

Azerbaijani projects have changed the energy map of the Caucasus and the Caspian region

Now they are changing the energy map of Europe

Apr 18 2015 - 13:19

National Interest: " To give up in the Ukrainian questions means to confirm the failure of foreign policy"

Western media on the American policy toward Russia and Iran

Apr 18 2015 - 13:16

Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine are dragged into NATO

Economic and military capabilities of  the young NATO members do not  meet the criteria for membership in the alliance

Apr 18 2015 - 13:03

There is a very large mine of slow action inherent in Iranian arrangements

Iran will sign only those agreements that will assume full lifting of sanctions

Georgian press review (April 10-17)

Possible cancellation of the visa regime with the EU, an initiative to expand the powers of the Constitutional Court and methods of dealing with crimes Apr 18 2015 - 12:43

Confrontational pre-war propaganda is held against Russia

S-300 can prevent a serious military-police operation against Iran Apr 18 2015 - 12:34

The contract for delivery of S-300 to Tehran to be fulfilled by the end of the year

The agreement on military-technical cooperation will be a foundation for development of Russian-Iranian cooperation Apr 17 2015 - 12:55

Voice of America: "Europe and Russia should unite forces"

Westren press on differences and similiarities between Russia and Europe, the US Apr 17 2015 - 12:22