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24 July 2014 - 2:08pm

Eurasian integration discussed in Moscow-Astana video conference

The Moscow-Astana video conference on post-Maidan outlines of Eurasian integration started with a report by Radik Murzagaliyev and Dmitry Mikhaylichenko. Murzagaliyev told Vestnik Kavkaza that the events in Ukraine would not affect the attitude of Russia's southern neighbours towards Eurasian integration. He reminded that the integration idea belonged to Kazakhstan.

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23 July 2014 - 5:48pm

NGO era-2

Political parties pale into insignificance
23 July 2014 - 12:51pm

Vorotan dam cascade

becomes a field of confrontation for foreign companies
22 July 2014 - 4:23pm

NGO era

Political parties pale into insignificance
22 July 2014 - 9:36am

What did Eduard Shevardnadze know?

The period of his presidency in Georgia maximally improved the inter-ethnic climate
21 July 2014 - 7:08pm

Post-mortem attacks on Eduard Shevardnadze

He wasn’t a man who lost his conscience
21 July 2014 - 10:17am

Multi-religious Azerbaijan

guarantees stability in the region

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Jul 24 2014 - 15:03

Europe will not be blind follower of U.S.

Dmitry Danilov: “The wave of Trans-Atlantic unity has subsided”

Jul 24 2014 - 14:13

Sergey Mikheyev describes advantages of Russia

The U.S. tactic stays within the logic of the “colour revolutions,” but hardly works

Jul 24 2014 - 12:04

Putin encourages experts

Alexey Mukhin: "Russia enters a very interesting and very dangerous phase of relations with the West"

Jul 24 2014 - 11:51

Youth Olympic Games

are organized within the framework of youth policy

BRICS to secure financial stability of member-states

Alexey Maslov says Jul 23 2014 - 14:59

Events unfolding in Syria, Ukraine and North Caucasus have common causes

Mufti Shafig Pshikhachyov says Jul 23 2014 - 14:02

Russia is unlikely to improve ties with Nato

Alexey Fenenko says Jul 23 2014 - 12:49

2014 FIFA World Cup: round-up

The World Cup in Brazil was notable for many individual and team records Jul 23 2014 - 11:09