Putin signs Russia’s 2018–2020 federal budget into law


Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the federal law on the federal budget of 2018 and the 2019–2020 planned period. 

The corresponding document is available on the official website of the legal information. 

The bill on federal budget for 2018 and the planned period of 2019-2020 was passed by Russia's Federation Council on November 29 and by Russia’s State Duma on November 24.

The Federal Law establishes the key characteristics for the federal budget for 2018 and the 2019–2020 planned period, proceeding from the GDP forecast of 97,462 billion rubles and estimated inflation below 4%.

Total federal budget revenue in 2018 is expected at 15,257.8 billion rubles, budget spending 16,529.2 billion rubles, with a budget deficit of 1,271.4 billion rubles.