Ramzan Kadyrov: Dagestan is safe in Abdulatipov's hands


The situation in Dagestan is normalizing, regardless of the arrest of Makhachkala's mayor, Said Amirov, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov .

"The mayor of Makhachkala is detained and under investigation. I'm not going to talk about the extent of his influence in the North Caucasus, but I do know that in Chechnya he did not have and could not have had any influence. Here the situation is influenced only by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Chechen Republic, by power, law and order," the head of Chechnya said.

Kadyrov believes that the interim leader of Dagestan, Ramazan Abdulatipov, will need time to stabilize the situation in the republic.

"I think that regardless of the arrest of Amirov, the situation in Dagestan is gradually stabilizing. An experienced politician and leader, Ramazan Abdullatipov, has come to the republic. I am sure that he, with the strong support of the federal government, will be able to restore order in the region. To say that this is finally going to happen in a week or a month is not quite right," Kadyrov said.

"Those who are still in trouble with the law, seeing that the intention of the authorities to restore order is serious, will try to go into the shadows, will put down their weapons. Naturally, some will remain for whom civilian life is closed. But this is a job for the intelligence and the police. As for the elite ... The elite should be the government that serves its people," Interfax quotes Kadyrov.