25 real and propagandistic facts about North Korea

25 real and propagandistic facts about North Korea

Harsh statements of US President Donald Trump regarding North Korea daily bring this mysterious country to the headlines of world's media. A few days ago Trump said that he has good relations with the head of the DPRK, although earlier he called North Korean leader a "maniac", a "bad guy" and "crazy". Kim Jong-un didn't remain silent, calling Trump a "scared dog" and an "old man". American leader was offended by these words: "Why did Kim Jong-un insult me, calling me old? After all, I never call him small and fat."

Trump's absurd statements are associated with peculiarities of his character and temperament, as well as a lack of political experience. In this article, we'll discuss what Trump and majority of the world's population don't know about North Korea. You'll have to decide for yourself what's true and what's fake.

1. North Korea is one of the youngest states in the world. This year it will turn 70.

2. Throughout history, the country was ruled by three people - Kim Il-sung, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un - grandfather, father and son.

3. North Korea has its own "Juche calendar", which began in 1912 - the year of Kim-il Sung's birth.

4. North Korea is one of the richest, most advanced and influential countries in the world, which is why imperialist states envy it and want to destroy it. Only thanks to the most powerful army in the world and wise rule of its leaders Juche country managed to fend off global darkness.

5. In the middle of the last century, a group of Korean partisans successfully repaired damaged weapons and equipment using a bonfire to weld steel parts.

6. Recently, workers of Pyongyang elevator managed to assemble locomotive they needed themselves.

7. Not only television and radio broadcasts and newspaper articles, but also books always begin with a quore from one of the country's leaders. Names of leaders must always be accompanied by their titles, developed by special commission. Variants of titles: Great Leader, Great Leader of our Party and People, All-Conquering General, Beloved Commander-in-Chief of the People's Army, World Leader of the 21st Century, Father of the Nation, Guiding Star of the 21st Century, Fate of the Nation, Sun of the Nation, Sun of Socialism, Party Center, Bright Star of the Mountain Paektu, Bright Sun of the 21st Century, Bright Juche Sun, genius among geniuses.

8. There are special tools to care of portraits of the leaders, stored in separate boxes. Severe punishment awaits those who accidentally damage these portraits.

9. In schools and kindergartens, before classes and before meals pupils have to bow before portrait of the leader three times and say: "Thank you Marshal-Father!"

10. In 1945, the Great Leader, while being busy with state affairs, drove past his native village twice, but he never visited it, because he didn't want to spend a single minute of his precious time on anything, he only cared for his people. Only on third time he was persuaded to visit Mangyongdae.

11. There's a monument at the observation platform of Mount Kumgangsan with a quote: "Oh, beautiful mountains! Kim-il Sung."

12. Exercise from arithmetic textbook: "Great Leader-Father Kim il-Sung received nine apples, he gave three to grandfather, two to his grandmother, one to his father, one to his mother. How many apples did he give and how much apples are left?"

13. Another exercise: "Three soldiers of the Korean People's Army killed 30 American soldiers. How many soldiers did each of them kill? "

14. Kim Jong-il participated in battles since he was three-years-old.

15. Kim Jong-il personally coached national football team using an invisible phone. As a result, the DPRK defeated South Korea - a poor and oppressed country, led by a clique of maniacs. Residents of South Korea are forced to eat garbage and wear rags. They are subjected to terrible tortures in police stations and envy happy and rich North Korea.

16. Kim Jong-il invented hamburgers and called them "double bread with meat".

17. Kim Jong-ll's appearance is an example for all progressive mankind. The entire appreciated beauty of the leader's outfits.

18. Kim Jong-il scored 34 points in his first game of golf.

19. Kim Jong-un invented a medicine capable of making small and frail man tall and handsome.

20. Kim Jong-un never needed to use a toilet.

21. Kim Jong-un's spirit helped North Korean weightlifter at the London Olympics to lift three times his own weights.

22. The entire history of North Korea consists of years of creativity and miracles. Leadership of the country managed to prepare a powerful springboard for jump into prosperous future.

23. Kim Jong-un was able to drive at the age of three, and by the age of nine he participated in private yacht races and won, defeating famous foreign businessman.

24. Recently Kim Jong-un climbed Paektu Mountain without any problems and without getting tired.

25. After Kim Jong-il's death the sky turned red and volcano cracked with a deafening roar.



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