Deep symbolism of eight-pointed star on Azerbaijan's national emblem

Deep symbolism of eight-pointed star on Azerbaijan's national emblem

One of Azerbaijan's state symbols - the national emblem - has a very interesting history and symbols. The government of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR) declared a competition on the national emblem of Azerbaijan in January 1920, but after three months the ADR collapsed, and the national emblem was not adopted. When Azerbaijan gained independence, a new competition was announced, but the artists failed to make sketches, better than those that were presented more than 70 years ago. The flame, oak leaves and a stalk of wheat were redesigned, but the central element of the composition - the eight-pointed star - has been kept.

It is believed that it symbolizes the eight branches of the Turkic people. But the deeper meaning of the eight-pointed star was revealed by the philosopher and public figure Heydar Jemal: "In the Quran, Allah says that his heavenly throne represents an octagon that is carried by eight angels. Therefore some tombs, sanctuaries are built in the form of an octagon with eight doors.

In addition, the meaning of the octagon is related to the future. Religion teaches us that the past consists of seven centuries. We live in the end of VII century. The next century - VIII - will bring a new space and sky. The past reality disappears and a there will be a new one in the form of an octagon. 8 is a key that allows you to turn a square into a circle. In ancient times, scientists tried to solve this mystery and believed that the secret lies in the figure 8. The number 12 represents a circle, and 4 represents a square. Only the figure 8 holds the secret of the transition between these dimensions. That is, the transition from 4 to 12 lies in the figure 8. Therefore, the school of Pythagoras always associated great secrets with the figure 8.

The eight-pointed star is a symbol of paradise in our Islamic culture. The meaning of the eight-pointed star is time transformed into the fourth dimension - into the symbol of paradise. In ordinary space there are three dimensions and the fourth is time. In the next space time stops and turns into the fourth dimension in paradise. "


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