German expert: "West will attack Russia in Syria"

German expert: "West will attack Russia in Syria"

Mass expulsion of Russian diplomats from Great Britain, America, Canada, Australia and a number of European states, including Germany and France, marked an unprecedented escalation in Russia's relations with the "collective West." Professor Wilfried Furman shared his thoughts on current situation in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Exactly 15 years ago President George Bush, mislead the entire world and the UN, saying that Saddam Hussein possesed weapons of mass destruction, and attacked Iraq together with Britain. This 'preventive' war was waged in the name of self-defense. But it was a military intervention that violated international law, accompanied by a huge number of violations of human rights," professor recalled.

"At the same time, using their right of veto in the UN Security Council, the United States and Great Britain prevented any resolution on condemnation of this step - such use of the right of veto is unacceptable. The US was 'supported' by 43 obedient states, whose costs were partly paid by Washington. This war was also profitable for business, for the private military corporation Black Water, for example. British Prime Minister John Meyer later publicly apologized for this - that's at least something!" Furman said.

"President Trump expelled 17 Russian diplomats, because Russia is suspected (!) of interfering in the American presidential election. It happened almost immediately after he fired Rex Tillerson and appointed former CIA chief Mike Pompeo to the post of Secretary of State," Wilfried Furman noted. British Prime Minister Theresa May expelled 23 Russian diplomats, and declares on the basis of indirect evidence and unconfirmed conclusions, without any final investigation and international involvement, that Russia 'is guilty of an attempted murder' of Sergey Skripal, Russia is suspected (!) of an attempted murder with the use of poisonous substance on March 4 in Salsbury. At the same time, May also talks about an even earlier murder with the use of poisonous substance, about Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, as well as assumptions that Russia wanted to influence presidential campaign in the US and organized cyber attacks on Germany. At the same time, she calls on friendly nations such as the United States, France or Germany to support and help Britain in the framework of NATO and the UN Security Council. Viewing these events as Russian chemical attack on the UK, Theresa May, probably after talking with Trump, classifies Russia as a terrorist state. Meanwhile, this is also viewed as an attack that justifies 'military actions in self-defense,' just like George Bush justified his actions in Iraq.

German expert believes that first military strike may happen in Syria: if there will be a direct military clash with Russia and Bashar Assad's government forces, then "obedient" Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the UAE will also interfere, pursuing their own goals in the region. Such confrontation should trigger retaliatory nuclear strike by Russia, which would affect, among other states, the UK.

"Politicians who play with fire like that, based on suspicions alone, are in a very dangerous situation in domestic politics. That's how it is today in the UK, where current government held early parliamentary elections with catastrophic consequences, which also had negative impact on the United Kingdom's negotiating position in the Brexit talks. Will we see a planned and obviously controlled war in the name of saving its own power?" Wilfried Furman noted.

Professor also stressed that those who oppose this immediately find themselves in "isolation" and called a puppet of Moscow, a supporter and defender of Russian President Vladimir Putin and so on. "However, the support that the United Kingdom received from the United States, France and Germany and NATO, creates only a sense of power, it's not absolute," he concluded.