Is Armenian military leadership adequate?

Is Armenian military leadership adequate?

The Lyalya-tepe strategic height, located in the direction of Fizuli region, which allows to control a large territory, was under the Armenian occupation for more than 23 years. In April 2016, the Azerbaijani army liberated this height, with the use of which Armenian troops could observe all the settlements of the Fizuli region, including Horadiz, as well as the positions of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces and shell them.

Discussions about the importance of the lost height are still under way in Yerevan. Recently, the Chief of General Staff of Armenian Armed Forces, Lieutenant-General Movses Hakobyan, speaking with the Zhokhovurd newspaper, made two contradictory statements that have called into question not only his military talent, but also the adequacy of the second person in the Armenian military department. First, the general said that it is possible to restore the positions lost by the Armenian side during the April war at any time, then denied himself, noting that it is not necessary to return them. A spokesman for the operational department of the Ministry of Defense of the self-proclaimed republic of Nagorno-Karabakh, Viktor Arustamyan, also said that the Lyalya-tepe height is of no strategic and positional importance: "In comparison with the general landscape, its height is 20 meters. It does not have a significant tactical value. There can be no talk of strategic significance." The same opinion is held by the President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan.

The ArmenianReport resents such statements: "That's how it turns out - our soldiers and field commanders fought desperately for the Lyalya-tepe height in the winter of 1994. A large number of Armenian soldiers died during the fighting for that height, but then they managed to gain a foothold at that height. To hear today's generals and politicians talk, it turns out that the soldiers laid down their heads in vain for that height.

Although this is absolutely not the case - in those days, command personnel were no match for present ones. They not just valued lives of their fighters, but also understood perfectly why they needed the Lyalya-tepe height - it represents strategic importance and allows controlling large areas in the Horadiz direction ... And now it turns out that the current military and political leadership of the Armenian states does not need this height?"

The publication explains this position of the Armenian military leadership by the fact that the generals and politicians who become hardened at plum jobs need to somehow justify their failures in the four-day war. "You are easily ready to give up what was won by blood. Our blood, not of your sons with expensive cars. And your only desire that nobody disturbs you in the incessant process of personal enrichment. Even at the expense of surrendered territories,"ArmenianReport refers to the military leadership.

Meanwhile, it is obvious that these revanchist plans are not meant to be due to the lack of resources, both financial and human.


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