Nezavisimaya Gazeta fails Yerevan's order

Nezavisimaya Gazeta fails Yerevan's order

Russia's Nezavisimaya Gazeta published an article, which no editor should have have allowed to be published. Arthur Priymak, the author of this article, titled "West expresses word of no confindence to Azerbaijan's fight against ISIS", trying to turn in into "sensation", says that five possible ISIS militants were detained on Turkish border with Syria, noting that three of them were Azerbaijanis.

It is obvious that for the author, the nationality of those who were detained, even though they have not been prosecuted yet and their involvement with the ISIS has not been proved, is more important in this story than the very fact that people were arrested at the border, even though it happens every day in this part of Turkey. This is the case when journalist tries to squeeze out everything he can out of material. It is unlikely that the author understands that terrorists don't have a nationality, otherwise he whould also tell about constant detention of citizens of not only of his own country - Russia - but also of a number of EU member states, as well as the United States. It turns out that the West often expresses a "vote of no confidence" to itself. It seems that the author was ordered to target Azerbaijanis.

His work began with the most important thing: "Azerbaijan was mentioned as a source of personnel for the ISIS"... and then he listed organizations and names. To support his thesis, he decided to quote the statement of the commissioner of the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) in the Middle East, Haysam Abu Said, who said that "Azerbaijani terrorists fighting for the ISIS or other international groups pose a threat for France , Germany, Great Britain and Belgium."

We won't analyze this statemen, but it makes no sense at least due to the fact terrorists from the above-mentioned four countries are also fighting for the ISIS (these countries are also "sources of personnel" for the ISIS), and their are dangerous not only for their own countries, but for the entire world, including Azerbaijan. Therefore, there is no logic in the above mentioned quote, which still doesn't matter for generous people who ordered this article.

Priymak shocks readers with another stupidity, linking the fame of Sumqayit with "Armenian pogroms". So that's where it came from! If we're talking about ISIS, why does he need to mention "Armenian pogroms"? He could also mention Stalin's notorious role in Kavbiuro's 1921 meeting! These things have no connection to each other.

The fact that author asks the notorious Fahraddin Aboszod, who works with Armenian special services, for comments, explains everything. That's how the ears of the armagitpropmachine were illuminated. It shows the involvment of Armenian propoganda machine. After all, it's unlikely that Armenian agent will tell that one of the main perpetrators of these so-called "Armenian pogroms" in Sumqayit was Armenian Eduard Grigoryan, who personally killed seven of 26 Armenian victims. In addition, it was Mikhail Gorbachev who ordered the USSR's KGB to organize these "pogroms", according to senior investigator in the General Prosecutor's Office of the USSR from 1980 to 1992 Vladimir Kalinichenko.

Sumqayit killer Eduard Grigoryan was released shortly after his arrest and now lives in the Moscow region.

Naturally, the author doesn't talk about all these facts at all. And the fact that Priymak writes about how Ministry of National Security of Azerbaijan "covers" jihadists' activity based on the words of provocateur, who is despised in Azerbaijan, shows where monstrous came from. After all, Aboszoda just fulfills another order of his Yerevan masters and lies to Russian audience through this newspaper and its unprofessional journalist.

Just think about it: no one noticed how Azerbaijani Ministry "covers" the activities of jihadists - not CIA, not Mossad or FSB - but Absozoda somehow managed to "notice" it!. No other publication - not CNN, not Washington Post, not New York Times or BBC - listened to "sensitive signal" of this man, while Priymak displayed "vigilance" and "revealed" true colours of Azerbaijan's Ministry of National Security.

How can a self-respecting author, and most importantly a self-respecting publication, interview a person who doesn't know about the population of his own motherland (there are 10, not 8 million people living in Azerbaijan), which he sold out? And what does he mean by "million" Salafis? There's not a million of them in the entire world! Residents of Sumqayit will be surprised to find out that, according to Fakhraddin Aboszod's estimates, every second person in their city is "Salafist"...

However, Priymak's article reaches the culmination of stupidity when he asks previously unknown "political scientist", Fikret Shabanov. He decides to tell readers about the alleged "Kurdish" origin of President Ilham Aliyev. This is the biggest mistake of both the author himself and his Yerevan masters.

First of all, unlike Armenia, Azerbaijan is not monoethnic, but multiethnic country. And this diversity against, as well as multiculturalism and centuries-old tolerance, are a pride of our state. Armenia has nothing to boast about in this sense, especially after its indigenous Azerbaijani population was completely banished from artificial Armenian state formed on the Azerbaijani lands. By the time Erivan Khanate became part of the Russian Empire, according to count Ivan Paskevich, 3/4 of the population of the newly formed Erivan Governorate consisted of Azerbaijanis. Today, these 75% of the population left the country - there are no Azerbaijanis there. At the same time, about 35,000 ethnic Armenians continue to live in Azerbaijan, and they don't have to hide their ethnicity.

So we can only ask Priymak himself and his experts like Shabanov: if even Armenians (!) don't hide their origins in Azerbaijan, why would Kurds, who have great relations with Azerbaijanis, hide their roots? No Kurd has to hide his origins in Azerbaijan. What is the point in saying that someone has Kurdish roots when they don't have them and most importantly, there is nothing shameful about that? Such obsession with the idea of "Kurdish" roots of President Aliyev is just getting stupid. No one should listed to idiotic fabrications these authors or try to prove something, primarily because Azerbaijan, as was already noted before, is not a country where people would lie about their roots. If they have them, then people openly speak about them. If they don't have them, there's nothing to speak about.

One of the best evidences of this freedom is the statement made by members of the delegation of Jewish Congress of the US, who recently visited Baku, They said that Jews in Baku feel as if they were living in Israel or New York. Why would any Kurd hide his origins if Armenians and Jews don't? Unlikely.

Secondly, Yerevan masters of the author apparently judge others based on their own beliefs. If they are embarrassed by their origin, they think that everyone should. Let's remember a famous story about the murder of Poghos Poghosyan, one of the leaders of Dashnaktsutyun in Samtskhe-Javakheti, in one of Yerevan's cafes in 2001. He was killed because he publicly reminded Robert Kocharyan about his Turkish roots. The murder was committed by members of personal security of then president after Robert Kocharyan left the building.

Thirdly, Armenian bloggers and users of social networks openly write about dark pages in the biography of both Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan and his wife for a long time now. There are many confirmations of Sargsyan's Romani roots, as well as Yazidis roots of his wife Rita. It is well known that mother of the current president lost her Romani parents in infancy, after which she was adopted by Armenian family and sent to Nagorno-Karabakh. And the first lady of Armenia Rita Sargsyan was born after her mother went to work in Yerevan and worked in the family of a wealthy Yazidi-Kurd as a housekeeper for a suspiciously long time. This information has been widely spread, so almost everyone knows about family scandals in the house of Rita's parents.

As a president of the country, which hold "pure blood" in high regard, Sargsyan and his wife will obviously deny these facts. We won't be surprised if after growning up, Kim Kardashian's daughter will someday say that her father was Armenian. Overall, if history taught us something, it is that nothing that concerns Armenia and Armenians should be surprising. Armenia, where husbands send their wives to work at 102nd military base in Gyumri, is not the country that has any moral right to say something about Azerbaijan! And since Priymak received an order from Yerevan to link the ISIS to Azerbaijan, he should have at least googled his own masters and their involvement in international terrorism. He could at least read the book of his outstanding compatriot Oleg Kuznetsov "History of Transnational Armenian Terrorism in XX Century", from which he could learn a lot about the terrorist activities of Armenian political parties like Dashnaktsutyun and Hentchak, as well as organizations like ASALA.

We see a mote in our brother's eye but do not see the beam in our own.


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