Russia is not our enemy

 We are living in unprecedented times. Never before in the history of mankind have we seen a situation where, the countries that make up the Western World, once the leaders of modern civilization, have become the leading purveyors of evil in our world. Such an opinion shares OpEdNews in its article Russia is not our Enemy

This Western World is itself a paradox. The normal people of these nations are generally peace loving people who do not want war. Americans keep voting for the anti-war candidate but once in power, every candidate quickly reverses on their election promises and picks up where their predecessor left off. But, it's not just the US. The leaders of all the western nations, regardless of who's elected, all seem hell bent on war. And more recently, war against Russia. Not only do we see our collective governments aggressively pro-war but, there's no opposition within governments or, through the media, to present an opposing, sober argument. Anyone who does speak up in the media and argues against the pro-war lobby soon finds that they're no longer required for comment.The media has become a War Cheer Squad who continually dish up talking heads who take on the role of spokesperson for our collective moral compass. They tell us why we should act militarily and why we have to do something to stop some evil in a foreign land that they have presented to us in a report usually, in a distorted and untruthful way.

We have watched the lies and manipulation of facts take shape with the illegal invasion of Iraq. Then, we were presented with lie after lie accusing Gadhafi of bombing his own people that quickly led to the bombing and destruction of Libya. Libya is still in a state of anarchy because of the evil perpetrated upon her by the US and NATO governments. However, the coup in Ukraine and the successful takeover of that country was where the anti-Russian agenda began. And, an agenda it is. In fact, as normal people, we should be aware that any policy adopted because of "supposed Russian aggression" is in fact, the preparedness of war with Russia by the evil who, are now ruling our collective western Governments.


The Ukraine coup was US and EU funded and organized. We in the west were sold the story that it was a popular uprising by Ukrainians against the corrupt pro-Russian government. However, corruption in Ukraine has only accelerated under the new regime. The intercepted phone call between Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, confirmed that the new Ukrainian regime was handpicked by the US. Insanely, they put into power, ultra-right winged fascists who deify Stephen Bandera who, led the fascist Ukrainians and fought alongside the Nazi's in WW2 against the Russians. The Ukrainian fascists were renowned for their murderous brutality that even shocked the German SS troops. Many of the horror stories that came out of the Concentration camps after the war told of the Ukrainian guards who, were the ones who were most feared because of their inhuman brutality. In 1943 in Volhynia, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) murdered up to 60,000 Poles and another 40,000 in East Galicia. These UPA insurgents were carrying out the murderous ideologies of Bandera who, called for a cleansing of future Ukrainian lands of non-Ukrainian blood. Most of the murders were of women and children. Some of the descendants of these fascists are now in power in Ukraine and it is the US who consciously placed them there. The Bandera ideology has been passed down through the generations and is now on show in Ukraine. The US/NATO leaders all stayed silent and looked the other way when their fascist Ukrainian allies bombed innocent civilians in eastern Ukraine and sent their Air Force and Armies into the Donbass in their vain attempt to quell the popular uprising there. The people of the Donbass refused to buckle under to what they saw as, a puppet government of the USA.

The US/NATO governments continue to equip and train the Ukrainian military and assist them financially. They even changed the rules of the International Monetary Fund to loan them billions of dollars because the rules stated that the IMF can never lend to a country involved in a civil war but Ukraine is a special prize for the west. Ukraine is an important acquisition when you're planning a war against Russia and therefore, special rules apply.

The anti-Russian madness has its genesis in Ukraine and in some Ukrainian families who have influence in Canada and the US. We thought the anti-Russian hysteria could not reach any higher after watching the government announcements and media reaction following the MH17 tragedy. Sadly, that was only the beginning of the hysteria not its peak. Within hours of the news, the leaders of western governments openly blamed Russia but, more importantly, Russian President, Vladimir Putin, for the loss of all lives on that tragic plane. Before any investigator reached the crash site, western leaders and the compliant media, were acting like leaders of a lynch mob hoping for a hanging, eager with their pronouncements of guilt pointing us in the direction of whom we should be aiming our anger and disgust. Of course years later, the official investigation has the families of the victims frustrated and angry because, they believe they'll never discover who really was to blame. The US, who claimed they had satellite evidence of the missile launch has never made that public or shared that evidence which, leaves us having to trust them at their word and, as we all know, their word amounts to no evidence at all. But, the damage is done. Most people I ask what they think happened, believe what the media told them to think. "It was Putin who did it!" But, why were we led by our government and media to believe that Putin ordered that shoot down? Why did our leaders act so unprofessionally and like they were spoiling for a public hanging? Why was there an obvious conspiracy of western leaders and the media which was designed and orchestrated, to herd the negative emotions of the western populace, against Putin and Russians?

These questions need to be answered because the only answer I can think of, especially when looking at current world events is, because they are conditioning us to distrust and, hate Russia. It now seems obvious that they are planning a war against Russia, sometime in the near future and they need us cheering and compliant. And, we are now seeing an acceleration of anti-Russian hysteria being voiced by so many western politicians yet all of the reasons for this hate are totally unfounded.

"Hacking the election, Trump is a Putin stooge, hacking the Brexit vote, Russian Ambassadors spying, Russians hacking the US power grid and the Russians hacked the DNC" are just some of the anti- Russian accusations. All of these allegations are unfounded and unproven but if they repeat a lie often enough, it becomes a fact. At least in the media it does. Some politicians are just joining in but there are many others who are already calling for war. In the last few weeks we've heard John McCain, Lindsay Graham as well as ex-vice President Dick Cheney, among others, call the hacking being blamed on Russia, as an act of war. When we see them repeat their lies over and over in unison like this, you can tell they've moved on to the next stage in their sick and evil plan.

We've now seen Trump bomb Syria and also hint that this won't be the last time. Russia is in Syria at the invite of the legitimate government of Syria to fight terrorists and, has no choice but to hold her ground there as she cannot allow Syria to fall into the hands of ISIS. The aggression lies directly at the heads of the US and western governments. And, unless we stop our politicians from heading down this road that they're on, we'll soon be watching them take away our children, dress them in military attire, train them for war and then force them to fight on some foreign battlefield whose name we can't pronounce. Russia is not our enemy and we need to speak that out to anyone who will listen.


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