Turkey and United States are turning against each other

Turkey and United States are turning against each other

Turkey will begin negotiations on purchase of the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets with Russia. The Defense News publication published a sensational report, noting that this can happen if the United States will move on with plans to not deliver the F-35 fighter jets (also of the fifth generation) to Turkey due to purchase of Russian S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems.

"Russian jets will be our best choice if the US allies don't behave as allies and exclude Turkey from the Joint Strike Fighter program, which also involves the sale of F-35," Defense News reported citing anonymous representative of the Turkish Defense Ministry.

It seems that Ankara is taking a stand here - President Recep Tayyip Erdogan decided to be consistent in confrontation with his American counterpart Donald Trump, thanks to that he received compliments from politicians of various levels who are dissatisfied with traditional American activities in everything. In particular, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko praised Erdogan’s resilience in an interview with the Anadolu agency, calling decision to acquire the S-400 systems, despite the White House's pressure, an example of upholding national interests above everything else.

The fact that Ankara will move on with purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems was confirmed by Turkish publication Yeni Akit. It reports that Moscow has completed all legal procedures related not only to the S-400, but also to sale of the Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets, and Ankara, in turn, is allegedly in favor of buying Russian jets.

Commenting on current situation, some experts suggest that Turkey itself is interested in going against the United States when it comes to purchase of the F-35 fighter jets. Reasons may vary - from obvious high costs to some kind of political price of this project. Moreover, the United States, faced with Turkey's attitude, also think about feasibility of producing parts and spare parts for these fighter jets, which will then be sold to this country. According to available data some part of the F-35 jets are already being produced near Turkey. Planned construction of warehouses for them is under consideration. Most alarmist-minded American politicians thinks about stopping production of these fighter jets in their current version, believing that Ankara can give Moscow access to secrets of these jets.

There are other circumstances surrounding changes in relations between Ankara and Washington and Turkey's rapprochement with Russia. There's an attempted military coup in 2016 and completely different roles Russia and the United States played in that situation. In addition, there's also Washington’s absolute reluctance to hand over preacher Fethullah Gulen to Ankara, who is considered instigator of this failed coup.

Relations between Ankara and Moscow are also not trouble-free. After 2015, when Turkish forces shot down Russian Su-24 jet and ejected pilot was shot dead, and there were talks about inevitable military clash. This crisis, however, was resolved peacefully, largely due to Russia's help during unsuccessful coup - Erdogan came to Moscow to personally thank Russian leadership for this. Nevertheless, there are serious contradictions between Turkey and Russia on Syrian issue.

Just like there were no eternal alliances in the history of mankind, there were no eternal enmity. It looks like as of today Turkey is leaning towards choosing Moscow instead of Washington. But no one can predict for how long will this political vector continue.