No “account for corpses” anymore

No “account for corpses” anymore

Today corruption becomes a powerful political force, which forms public opinion, based on wide mistrust of the authorities. Moreover, in expert appraisals of the situation in the North Caucasus terms “terrorism” and “corruption” stand close to each other. At the recent session of the Council on development of civil society and human rights in Nalchik the chairman of the National anti-corruption committee Kirill Kabanov tried to explain the reasons for this connection. He thinks that motivation of people dealing with terrorism and extremism has changed. In the 90s it was an extremist ideology based on religion. Today people go to woods because of personal revenge. Terrorist leaders use money-making criminality, covered by religion, and benefit from it.

Kabanov considers the reasons of such situation in using of criminal approaches of work by the police (tortures, falsification of evidence, illegal criminal proceedings), which are motivated by corruption too.

The police account for by prevented terrorist attacks (often it is knocked-out evidence) and by corpses of killed terrorists. The legal base is developed due to it. In recent 10 years about 500 laws were adopted, which strengthen power and financing of structures on fight against terrorism. One day of anti-terrorist operation costs several million rubles.

The republics of the North Caucasus have received incredible sums of money to their budgets from the federal centre, but there are no results. As for corruption in the sphere of economy, Kabanov gave an example of the Aviaagregat project in Dagestan, supported by the president and the government. The fact that the project is not implemented still is explained by plundering of budget capital.

Kabanov didn’t appraise effectiveness of work of state and regional bodies of the authorities on anti-terrorist laws following, but gave one more example: “In 2004 it was ordered to adopt the law on providing antiterrorist security in the transport sphere. The law was being developed by the Ministry of Transport and the Federal Security Service. The law was adopted only in 2007 and doesn’t work at the moment. For one document consisting of 2 sheets of paper three years were spent. And the order was made by the president of the country!”

Antiterrorist ideology Kabanov called “ideology of violence”: murder, war, shooting. We do not receive positive information from the regions of the North Caucasus. That is why most citizens of the country think
that the whole region is enemies.

Medvedev agreed with Kabanov that account by corpses is the road to nowhere.

Ekaterina Tesemnikova. Exclusively to VK.