Putin and Obama: when diamond cuts diamond

Putin and Obama: when diamond cuts diamond
Mikhail Gara-Bala, exclusively for VK

Only the lazy have not yet written on the current Russian-American confrontation. Everyone agrees that it marks a continuation of the crisis of the global economic system. This is correct, but the personal and psychological aspects are usually overlooked, whereas the current leaders of the two countries with most powerful military are charismatic personalities. They are bright and strong and they firmly defend their national interests. Their actions become more clear when their origins and education are taken into consideration.

Putin is 100% Russian, he belongs to the special class of "Soviet people", Leningrad residents who survived the blockade, people who survived hell, who are resilient and fearless. After what they've experienced, they would never pay homage to those who threaten them. Obviously, Vladimir Vladimirovich, who was born shortly after the war, imbibed all these qualities with his mother's milk. Add to that his deep passion for the philosophy of eastern martial arts and his school of life in the Committee of State Security.

In 1961, when Barack Obama was born, only a madman could imagine that a black person would become a president of the United States. Nevertheless, the son of a black Muslim from Kenya and a white mother whose ancestors were among the first American settlers has managed to become one. It was a very provocative thing to do at the time in the U.S. Surely, it could not but have had its effect on Barack Obama. In English there is a good word to describe it - audacity. Just as one of the most famous books of the current US president is called The Audacity of Hope. Obama considers himself an African-American, but not everyone is willing to agree with him, because he is not a descendant of slaves, and his ancestors on his mother's side were slaveholders. You can guess how some white people who can't stand his meteoric career think of him. Surely, from his youth Obama has been familiar with the feeling of "black rage", when it seems that the whole world is against you. It seems that he is hiding this feeling under the guise of "arrogance" which he is often accused of.

Obama has two more years in the White House. Who knows what will constitute his legacy after that? There are things which have already become part of his legacy. It was during his term that America has come out of the mortgage crisis which was threatening to turn into another "Great Depression". America has had its revenge for "September 11" by eliminating the symbol of terrorism - Osama Bin Laden. It has dealt with Gaddafi, the "old enemy" of the United States and the Western world by proxy. Where are the European friends of the leader of Jamahiriya now? Berlusconi, who kissed the hand of the colonel and joked about the "tan" of the US President is now doing public works as part of his sentence. Sarkozy, despite his betrayal of Gaddafi and his participation in his destruction, is also subject to investigation... Only Snowden's escape has made it well-known that all US allies are literally "under the hood" of Obama. It is under his leadership that America has launched the sequence of revolutions, breaking the order established half a century ago in countries from North Africa to Ukraine. At the same time, Obama keeps insisting on "American exceptionalism" and hegemony.

In his turn, Putin won the war against terrorism in the North Caucasus. At the same time he managed to turn the Chechens from separatist to devoted patriots of Russia, and the blitz-operation in the South Caucasus in 2008 has only proved this. He managed to distribute revenues from the sale of energy in 2008 in a way which kept Russia out of the depression. Russia has never had such high living standards. He has organized a triumphant Winter Olympics, demonstrating to the whole world that Russian generosity is back. He also resisted the elimination of the Assad dynasty in Syria according to the Libyan scenario.

It seems that it was the failure of the Syrian plan that Obama took as a slap in the face and decided to fight back. He has delivered a blow to Ukraine and it wasn't accidental. An American intellectual and political scientist knows that the Russian world view is inseparable from its brotherly people. Putin "asymmetrically" responded to Obama's actions with Crimea and the Donbass region. He responded to sanctions on his own and by deepening cooperation with China. What can break this circle of confrontation? The defeat of one party or a compromise. Both options now seem unlikely. But the second option seems more plausible, because it requires only the will of two "angry men" and not of millions of people.


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