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Aslan Bzhaniya's victory: what should Abkhazia expect

Extraordinary elections of the head of Abkhazia ended with the victory of the opposition. Having won more than 55% of the vote, the candidate from the united opposition Aslan Bzhaniya has already announced his readiness to start reforms, …

Saakashvili is back in the game

The ex-president of Georgia and the former governor of the Odessa region of Ukraine, Mikhail Saakashvili, is again in demand. If the Verkhovna Rada does not fail his candidacy, which is unlikely, he will become vice-premier of the Ukrainian …

Humanity as a whole is too stationary

Civilization wrinkled, wrinkled its forehead, wrinkled again and decided to try to return to its former life. The one before the pandemic. While the pandemic is not over yet. Humanity has calculated economic losses and was horrified. …

Can crude oil drop to $10?

Oil has dropped to a twenty-one-year low today. Bears are out for blood. The WTI West Texas Crude Oil dropped over 18% today and reached a low of $14.45, a price level that has surprised traders. The steep fall in price is due to the lack of …