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 Armenia's parliament approves 2018 state budget

Armenia's National Assembly approved the final version of the draft state budget for 2018 with 64 votes in favor and 35 against.  Expenditures and revenues for 2018: 1 trillion 308 billion drams in revenues, 1 trillion 307 …

Armenia no longer likes EEU

During three years of Armenia's membership in the EEU, there has been a significant regression in a number of socioeconomic spheres, Yerevan says

Armenia commemorates Spitak earthquake victims

Today, it is the 29th anniversary of the tragic Spitak earthquake. The earthquake happened in Armenia's Spitak on December 7th 1988.  Powerful tremors in nearly half a minute destroyed the whole northern part of Armenia, …

Iravan in pictures

At various times, the territory where the city of Iravan was located was part of such states as Urartu, Sasanian Empire, Arab Caliphate, Sajid Empire, Shaddadid, Seljuk Empire, Eldiguzid Empire, Ilkhanate, Timurid Empire, Kara Koyunlu, …