Aliens will understand: "People of Earth are Armenians!"

Aliens will understand: "People of Earth are Armenians!"

Initiators of the DUDUKIST project sent a letter to the Roskosmos corporation asking to deliver ancient musical instrument - duduk - to the orbit."The Armenian alphabet visited space in 2012 as universally recognized treasure of world civilization. Duduk is much older than the Armenian alphabet! This instrument was mentioned for the first time in written monuments of the ancient kingdom of Urartu. So duduk is at least three thousand years old," co-founder of the DUDUKIST project Suren Bagdasaryan told Sputnik Armenia.

According to him, "the sound of duduk organically combines with the starry sky. It's impossible to describe it, you can only feel it. There's no more suitable instrument for space than duduk," co-founder of the project said.

However, it remains unclear why duduk should be sent into space and why it's necessary to send musical instrument, used by representatives of all peoples living in the Middle East and the Caucasus, just as "Armenian". Varieties of this instrument have certain constructive differences, and perhaps the DUDUKIST project considers it fundamental for representatives of intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations to learn to use Armenian duduk. Or maybe authors of this initiative don't think about space and simply pursue armenization of the entire Caucasian legacy.