All refugees to return home as soon as territorial integrity of Azerbaijan restored

All refugees to return home as soon as territorial integrity of Azerbaijan restored

The resolution of the refugee problem remains a priority for the state, First Vice President Mehriban Aliyeva said at the meeting on the resettlement of refugee and IDP families who are temporarily settled in dormitories in Baku and Sumgayit.

The issue of addressing the problems of the people expelled from their native lands has been in the focus of the government's attention for already more than two decades. One of the first orders signed by Ilham Aliyev as president in 2004 was related to the state program to improve living conditions and increase employment of refugees and internally displaced persons. Since then, the authorities has been working on social, housing and healthcare services for refugees and internally displaced persons, ensuring their employment and education. Nearly 100 residential complexes, 150 schools, 60 medical centers and kindergartens for displaced persons have been built in the country's districts, 250 thousand immigrants have been provided with new housing.

Now, according to Mehriban Aliyeva, the main goal is to provide another 4000 IDP families with new apartments: "With the support of the state, the necessary infrastructure should be built and communication lines should be laid. The families living in the most damaged and hardest conditions should be resettled in new buildings as soon as possible. "Refugee camps once existing throughout the country have been entirely abolished and IDPs, settled there, moved to new settlements. More than 6 billion manat were allocated to fulfill the measures envisaged in the state program [US dollar - 1.75 manat, euro - 1.84 manat, Russian ruble - 0.029 manat - VK].

The world's leading international organizations, including the UN High Commissioner for Refugees highly appreciate this work, naming Azerbaijan as a model country in this regard.

As for employment, according to Mehriban Aliyeva, over the past 13 years, 400,000 refugees and IDPs were employed. "But there are still problems in this area. It makes sense to develop proposals on small businesses. Under the President’s instruction, large funds have been allocated to eliminate the unemployment problem,  jobs have been created. It is necessary to attract more people from this part of the population to workplaces, "Mehriban Aliyeva said.

She expressed confidence that the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict will be fairly resolved. "The territorial integrity of our country will be restored, refugees and IDPs will return to their native lands. The buildings built today for their accommodation, the built settlements, the purchased apartments are their temporary address," the First Vice President stressed.


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