Archivists repel enemies' attacks

Archivists repel enemies' attacks

Another historical-documentary exhibition “In Victory Headquarters”, organized by the Federal Archival Agency and the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History with participation of other archives and museums, opened at the Maly Manezh exhibition complex on May 7. Original documents related to main events of 1944-1945 will be exhibited there.

Director of the Russian State Military Archive, Vladimir Tarasov, said: “Time gets to all of us, fewer and fewer participants of the Great Patriotic War remain alive. This gives our ill-wishers an opportunity to distort history, distort actual events of the war. The topic of war becomes subject of ideological fight against Russia. Archives become an important instrument in this fight, because they are an evidence of memories of participants, they are an evidence of everything that happened. That's why it's very important to not only preserve these documents, but also to actively use them."

"This topic is one of the priorities of the Federal Archival Service. There's special Victory project, which is operating in the framework of the Archives of Russia portal, where everyone who wants and is interested in our history can get acquainted with documents, film documents, photos, and recordings that tell about military events. This is especially important since the war, with all its tragedies, is still a subject of pride for us, because our people, our soldiers, those who worked outside the front not only survived this war, but contributed to liberation of humanity,” Tarasov said.

“As archivists, we also help our citizens who are looking for information regarding their relatives' participation in the war. The main complex of documents on the Great Patriotic War is stored in the Central Archive of the USSR Ministry of Defense, but a large number of documents are stored in our archive. This applies to documents on various military formations. We have a huge set of documents from the Main Directorate for Prisoners of War and Internees from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the USSR, which also have plenty of information about people who were were prisoners of war. Our archive also has documents about trophies, which people received after the war. We understand that its our responsibility to ensure that people know as much as possible about real hustory, so that we can, based on documents, repel all of our enemies' attacks and protect our history, which we can be and should be proud of," he noted.