Armenian fond of Baku

Armenian fond of Baku

Musician Edward Aydinov was born in Baku. Now he lives in Dnepropetrovsk and misses his homeland.

"I am an Armenian by nationality. I was born in the settlement of Amirjana. I'm a Baku musician and some people know me there. I really want to come to Baku, but I do not know how. If I were given a permission, I would definitely come, I never forget the Azerbaijani language, and I know it better than the Armenian language. So let no one take offense at me, but I grew up in Azerbaijan... This is my land.

I have been living in Dnepropetrovsk for 29 years. I have never been to Armenian land. I played at Azerbaijani weddings in Baku, I was always among Azerbaijani population, among Azerbaijani musicians, including in the philharmonic society. I'm a Baku resident. If not Bkku, than what should I remember and miss? "Aydinov says.

"What Baku resident does not want to come to Baku? Here, in Dnipropetrovsk, I always speak Azerbaijani, in Ukraine, I speak Azerbaijani with Azerbaijanis. Hooray to Baku people of all over the world! Let God bless my people in Baku, so that everyone lives in joy and prosperity,’’ the musician says.


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