Azerbaijan: "We're with you, Ilham!"

Azerbaijan: "We're with you, Ilham!"

What happened at the presidential elections in Azerbaijan on Wednesday was expected. And yet it was unbelievable - people went to polling stations like it was a war time, it was like they went there to be enlisted to the army. They went to prove that they have a full right to make their own choice, to determine their own future, to vote for stability and peace. They went to once again entrust their fate to a reliable person...

The number of people around polling stations didn't decrease until the evening, and there were long queues in many areas. But there were nobody was mad about having to wait, there was an exemplary order, a business-like atmosphere...

Entire families went to vote like it was the most important exam of their lives. This was an exam - a political maturity exam, an exam for the right to be called citizens of their country. Azerbaijani people passed this exam...

It was a moment of truth for many international observers. "We don't see this in Europe on elections day," said observer from France, who represented delegation of the Council of Europe. She stated that she didn't expect such an impressive turnout.

And I thought that Europe and the entire West in general, through their ill-conceived foreign policy that provoked terrible uprisings in many parts of the world, that encouraged separatism and political radicalism, helped Azerbaijan to hold elections in conditions of unprecedented unity...

Foreign radicals showed their true face, which shocked Azerbaijani electorate. Instead of reasonable criticism and an alternative vision of the future of Azerbaijan, there was only slander. It's like they tried to literally outperform each other on social networks, but in the end that's exactly what lead to opposite effect. Azerbaijani voters went to the elections with slogans like "Hands off Azerbaijan!", "We don't want to become second Syria!", "We're with you, Ilham!", "We're together, We will win!"

Presidential elections in Azerbaijan became a moment of truth not only for French parliamentarian, but also for millions of people around the world. On the other hand, there was nothing unusual for residents of the country. Because they know their president, they understand how much he did and will do for his people, for the development of Azerbaijan.

... Ilham Aliyev never made compromises, if went against national interests, he never showed political weakness or indecisiveness. He was always consistent, he followed his principles. Azerbaijanis were always proud of their president.

Ilham Aliyev didn't just reshape, he rebuilt, modernized Azerbaijan, he changed our consciousness, raised national self-esteem. Being Azerbaijani is prestigious now, because Azerbaijanis live in one of the youngest and most attractive countries in the world, where people work and study, travel around the world a lot and receive guests from around the world, they revive agriculture and launch artificial satellites, build amazing houses, museums and architectural complexes, they live, believe in themselves and in their own strength, and in foreign sponsors, they think about the future of their children and the entire nation.

The fact that people believe in their own leader is very important. After the elections, Ilham Aliyev said: "I always feel the support of Azerbaijani people. It gives me strength. This support is the main condition for our development. Unity of people and authorities is the main factor of development in Azerbaijan." President set the main task for the next few years - continue to develop Azerbaijan, lead it to new victories and successes at a higher pace and with a better attitude.

On April 11, Azerbaijanis proved that they deserve it.