Azerbaijan's autumn gifts on Tverskaya Street

Azerbaijan's autumn gifts on Tverskaya Street

This autumn, Azerbaijan will give a warm and colorful celebration to cold Moscow. On October 17-21, the Autumn Gifts of Azerbaijan festival will be held in the very center of the Russian capital. For five days, Muscovites and guests of the capital will be offered sunny orange persimmons and flame-colored pomegranates, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Exhibitions, performances by folk groups, the entertainment show and cooking classes will also be held during the festival.

On this day,  the guests will be able to taste an incredible variety of dishes with Azerbaijani spices and sauces on Tverskaya Square. There will be a tempting smell of freshly prepared kebab, paired with Narsharab pomegranate sauce and freshly baked tandoor cakes everywhere. Qutab with meat stuffing, green stuffing or cheese stuffing will be baked right in front of you. And if someone wants to drink a glass of hot tea from huge samovars on this cloudy autumn day, they will be offered amazing Azerbaijani sweets and unique Azerbaijani jam. You will be able to enjoy unforgettable tastes of the Land of Fire's gifts at each stand.

Do not miss the opportunity to keep yourself warm with the warmth of Azerbaijan on these cloudy autumn days.


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