Azerbaijan to participate in the G20 summit

Azerbaijan to participate in the G20 summit

On November 15-16th in Antalya, Turkey will host the G20 summit, in  which  Azerbaijan will take part. Ankara says that once it became known that Turkey will host  the G20 in December last year and they have a right to invite to the summit one country outside the G-20, they immediately decided that this would be Azerbaijan. Turkey believed that Azerbaijan's participation in the G-20 summit would provide an opportunity to declare the contributions on a global scale that joint economic projects can make, and contribute to the advancement of the new ideas.

The political scientist, Professor of Western University Fikret Sadikhov sure that Azerbaijan is invited to the G20, not only because it is in a fraternal union state of Turkey: "The whole point is that Azerbaijan, as we know, in general, is a key player in the South Caucasus region. Azerbaijan ensures the energy security of many European countries. Azerbaijan is actively cooperating with Russia on various projects of an energy character, humanitarian, we have now very well-established political contacts, we have mutual understanding on many international issues. And of course, Azerbaijan is a country interested in the development and expansion of contacts and energy security of other countries. Our country, of course, is interested in sustainable development, and it cannot take place without, of course, political stability, which I think will be one of the most important issues that will be discussed at this forum in Antalya "

According to Sadikhov, "We're now facing a very serious problem, the issue of terrorism, radical extremism, religious extremism. These are the issues which the leading countries are basically fighting, but other countries which are not far from the Middle East region are also not indifferent to these topics. I have no doubt that these issues will be paramount, the most important in terms of discussing issues related to geopolitics and political opposition that has arisen in recent years in world politics."

Speaking of terrorism, Sadikhov said: ‘’Terrorism is a familiar problem for us, we faced this problem a long time ago and it is natural that Azerbaijan will support any decision aimed at combating terrorist threats, the issues related to religious extremism. Let us speak frankly, the world is concerned about the growing influence of ISIS. And today, if this so-called ‘quasi-state’ is expanding its capabilities and functions on the Middle East, it is possible that this situation may happen in other regions. And Azerbaijan is not indifferent to this situation "


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