Azerbaijani woman, who wows fashion capitals with her style

Azerbaijani woman, who wows fashion capitals with her style

Designer and owner of the fashion clothing and accessories distribution company, whose products are known in all fashion capitals, Saida Mouradova, spent her childhood in a tent city where the IDPs from Karabakh lived. She was born in a mixed family, which was forced to flee from the horrors of the Karabakh war. Perhaps, it was a rough childhood that made her so sensitive about beauty.

Saida studied art in Europe, she studied fashion design in Paris's Parsons School of Design, and graduated from its New York branch. After working for 10 years as a designer of men's and women's collections in Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren, she was able to get acquainted with all the subtleties of the fashion industry, starting from choosing a color combination for future collections to technical control over the manufacture. As a result, Saida started her own designer clothing distribution company, which started to supply designer clothing to even Russian boutiques.

Saida Mouradova has a fashion blog, where she writes about style, trends and dress sense, about the importance of accessories, about an individual style, about how to make a maximum number of outfits from a minimum number of clothing items, about wardrobe change rules, as well as explains how to turn knowledge into action during her master classes.


Saida Mouradova accessories design is based on traditional ornaments of the peoples of the world. "I work with makers around the world. In my work I use methods that have been practiced for centuries, applying the modern technology, including 3D-printing and laser-cutting. I tried to take what already exists and blended with the utmost progressive technology, whether it's laser-cut or 3D-printed piece," Saida Mouradova said.

She lives in New York now, and according to her, it is a melting pot of so many different people, backgrounds, accents, colors, cultures. Saida prefers to work with artisans that honor the heritage. "We need more tools to add to what our true personality is. I'm trying to create something that's completely wild, completely crazy that you can take apart and just wear a piece of that and still feel like you're being true to yourself. I'm making my accessories so that you can dance in them. I will not put a product out there until I know 100% that I can wear it for hours and not feel tired ," the designer says.