Blood of Earth in Chinar

Blood of Earth in Chinar

Once upon a time, a caravan of merchants on camels, carrying on along the difficult path, stopped at a lake with muddy water. The animals were kept off the reservoir not to be poisoned by dangerous slurry. They allowed only one camel to approach the water, as it was so sick and weak that the caravaniers dreamed of getting rid of it. In the morning, leaving the sick animal to die, the caravan hit the road. On the way back, by the ”poisonous lake”, the caravaniers saw a beautiful strong camel with shiny hair and recognized that he was their dying camel.

Following the camel, people found out that he often went swimming in the lake, and then warmed under the sun. The bravest wayfarers went into the water and discovered an oily liquid in it. They lubed their wounds received during a long journey with the liquid and understood that it had the healing power- the wounds quickly healed. Since then, people began to use the magic liquid as a medicine, and because of its similarity to oil, they called it ‘naftalan’.

Naftalan is often called the blood of the Earth as it grants vitality. It relieves inflammatory processes, reduces pain, improves blood circulation and metabolic processes in the body. In the Soviet era, the party elite favoured the Naftalan resort as a vacation spot.

One of the most modern hotels offering high-class services and treatment is Chinar Hotel & Spa Naftalan.

Three meals a day, examination, naftalan bath, physiotherapy, spa (pool, hammam, fitness) cinema, animation entertainment - all this is included in the tour price. According to the local doctors, the most apparent therapeutic effect of naftalan is achieved with a comprehensive spa treatment, including naftalan therapy, massage and physiotherapy exercises. The Chinar sanatorium has all the necessary conditions for treatment.

Now Chinar provides integrated treatment for more than seven dozen diseases with the help of therapeutic naftalan baths and other procedures using advanced techniques in highly comfortable conditions. A qualified, experienced and friendly team makes every effort to achieve the main goal - recovery of their patients.

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