CNN: "Iran's oil exports are more important than their price"

CNN: "Iran's oil exports are more important than their price"

The US Fox News Channel reports about how Russia has put pressure on the United States in the Middle East. It took more than 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the growth of Russia under Vladimir Putin surprises the international community. GDP doubled in the country in the first decade under the control of President Putin. Despite the sharp decline in world oil prices and the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, the state does not lose its leading position in the world, continuing to acquire more new economic partners and strategic allies.

Over the past few years, Russia joined Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as  Crimea. Moscow is actively involved in the fight against terrorism on the territory of Syria and supports al-Sisi in Egypt. The state has established relations with Jordan and Saudi Arabia despite the existing contradictions in the oil sector. Russia and Israel coordinate their attacks on the positions of the terrorists in Syria to prevent an accidental shooting down of each other's aircraft. Finally, in contrast with the United States, which is geographically isolated from the most of the world, Russia has borders with key countries in Asia and Europe and is located close to the Middle East.

Western analysts are seriously worried, as Russia, in spite of the economic problems and disincentives from Europe, is one of the main actors in the world. The fact is that Russia remains the strongest military power, with a huge number of strategic weapons. In addition, the Kremlin spends $80 billion on defense. Russia also has several other advantages. For example, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who is extremely competently performing his job.

The Europeans are no longer the main actors in the world political arena, as the EU as a whole does not spend even 2% on defense, and its capabilities are limited. In addition, many European countries already have a good partnership with Russia, which further strengthens the influence of Russia in the world.

As for China, the serious economic problems will deter it from leading positions in the following decades, up to 2040 or 2050. Thus, even though Russia was hit by the West, it not only did not weaken, but has further strengthened its leadership in the world.

The US media resource CNN writes that Iran's oil exports are more important than their price. Freed from economic sanctions, Iran intends to return its share of the world oil market, regardless of the price that will be offered for it. The Iranian leadership has already announced that OPEC should cut oil production to make way for Iranian exports.

Oil prices have fallen 75% over the past 18 months. This was due to the fierce fight for market share, which is OPEC led by Saudi Arabia leading against manufacturers such as the USA and Russia. Revenues fell, resulting in some oil-producing countries being on the verge of collapse and thousands of people losing their jobs. Iran, in turn, expects to increase oil exports to one million barrels a day for a year. Even now, the Republic is in a much better position than other exporting countries, partly because of its low production costs ($13 per barrel). In addition, Iran's dependence on oil has fallen over the years of isolation, that is, the share of the oil sector in the country is less than 25%

Iran hopes that within five years the income from the oil exports will allow the country's infrastructure to be transformed. To date, the state needs investors willing to invest a total of 300 billion dollars in the oil sector of Iran. This will allow Iran to create between 900 thousand to 1 million new jobs, which is a realistic figure. In addition, the Iranian leadership is ready to cooperate with US companies, stressing that the country distinguishes between business and the policy of the American government, opposed by the leadership of the Republic.


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