Crisis of normalization of Russian-Georgian relations

Crisis of normalization of Russian-Georgian relations

The normalization of Russian-Georgian relations, which has been launched several years ago, is in crisis, while parliamentary contacts allow discussing the agenda between Moscow and Tbilisi beyond those narrow negotiating instructions that diplomats have, the senior research fellow of the Caucasus Problems and Regional Security Center at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations Nikolai Silaev said, commenting on the meeting of Georgian parliamentarians with Russian deputies. [Georgian dream requires 'icebreaker']

"We in Moscow witness the intensification of cooperation between Tbilisi and NATO. Georgia is becoming an element of the American policy of containing Russia, the policy that was adopted by the Obama administration and continued by the current administration. We see the growing cooperation between Tbilisi and today's Kiev - both diplomatic and military. We believe that this is counterproductive. And, of course, it negatively affects the Russian-Georgian relations," Nikolai Silaev said.

In his opinion, in this situation, the parliamentarians are not able to provide political agreement between the two countries, bypassing other branches of government, which are primarily empowered to represent their countries in foreign policy, but can offer some set of ideas. "Unlike experts who also offer a set of ideas, the parliamentarians have a political platform so that ideas could be more distinct and gain a higher political status, than if they were nominated by representatives of public organizations. MPs do not take decisions for which the executive branch is responsible, although Georgia is a parliamentary republic. But they have the influence, certain powers to raise and discuss issues, and ensure that themes relating to bilateral relations are discussed at the highest political stands and does not leave domestic political agenda," Silayev believes.

"In my opinion, the meeting is timely and, if this tradition is established, this meeting can be useful," the expert said.


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