Day of Sorrow and Remembrance

Day of Sorrow and Remembrance

The "Memory Lane" and the "Memory Watch. Eternal Flame" actions will be held on the Crimean Embankment and the Alexander Garden in Moscow on the night of June 21-22. On the evening of June 21, Sobibor movie will be shown for free in Kinoskver Rvio, Moscow, and on June 22, the All-Russian action "Remembering the Fallen" will be held at the Victory Museum.

One of the organizers, head of the Cultural Center named after Astakhov, Dmitry Bikbaev, said that many young people who work in theaters are participating in these events: "The evening will end with the Leningrad 42/59 play. We'll even show audience a loaf of bread, take one piece of it, so that everyone could realize how people lived during the blockade. We organized these events in a special way, so now people have an opportunity to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of those days. Number people who can tell reliable information about those days is getting smaller and smaller. When we created this play, we studied every day of the war, every day of the blockade in detail. People will be able to learn what weather was like on that day, how much bread people ate. The play involves children. Of course, it's a painful story. Still, the day war began is a special day. It's important to remember that our job is to ensure such things never happen again."

On June 22, residents and guests of the capital can chat with participants of the creative group and learn how the Sobibor movie was created. Main specialist of the scientific department of the Russian Military Historical Society, Konstantin Pakhalyuk, said that this movie was filmed with the support of the Russian Military Historical Society, and initiative of its creation was proposed by chairman of the society, Minister of Culture, Vladimir Medinsky. "The events in Sobibor took place on October 14, 1943. It was the only successful escape from the concentration camp, and our task is to show the public what Sobibor is in the language of cinema."


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