Diskin explains why Russia intervened in Syrian conflict

Diskin explains why Russia intervened in Syrian conflict

Religious diversity not only does not contradict the all-Russian national unity, but is its necessary and most solid foundation. "Those trying to oppose religious affiliation and all-Russian unity assume terrible responsibility for destroying Russian statehood, for which we repeatedly paid an unthinkable price during the shortest possible historical period. Religious values ​​should open the way to understanding true national and state interests of the country," the chairman of the Public Chamber for Interethnic and Interfaith Relations, Iosif Diskin, said at the All-Russian Interreligious Youth Forum entitled 'Religious Diversity and National Unity'.

Speaking about Moscow's interference in the Syrian conflict, Diskin recalled why Russia participated in the Russian-Turkish war of 1854: "In order to prevent the trampling of religious values ​​and sacred places in the Holy Land. Interreligious, interethnic solidarity was Russia's tremendous historical tradition for millennia. This desire, the opportunity and the political will to act and protect our close and distant neighbors has angered our long-standing geopolitical opponents. But inside the country we must repulse those who calls us to renounce the fundamental values ​​that have united Russians for centuries. We should clearly understand that this is not a whim of today, it's many centuries of Russia's historical path. "

Diskin's view was supported by the Deputy Secretary of the Russia's Public Chamber Sergei Ordzhonikidze: "The strength of our state is in unity, in the national, confessional and political unity. This is the lesson we learn from the centuries-old history of the multinational Russian state. Young people are the most active and dynamic part of society, which is open to cooperation and knowledge. Unfortunately, destructive forces use this today - terrorism is changing its forms and tools today, influencing people's minds. Terrorism is a crime against humanity, and combating it requires the consolidation of our entire society, and the educated, thinking youth is the key to the social stability and prosperity of our state. "