'Don Juan' in Satyricon

Konstantin Raikin: "It is always exciting to interpret classics"
Konstantin Raikin: "It is always exciting to interpret classics"

Moliere's play Don Juan, starring Konstantin Raikin and Timofei Tribuntsev, will be presented on the Planeta KVN Stage in Moscow for the first time on July 24, 25, 26 and 31. "The director of the play Yegor Peregudov staged Ivan Shmelev's Man from the Restaurant in our theater, we like to play it, the public likes to watch it. We decided to continue Egor's successful cooperation with our theater and visa versa, we were looking for something to work with for a long time. Something was suggested by Yegor, something by me," the director of the Satyricon theater, People's Artist of Russia Konstantin Raikin said.

"I wanted then to make something completely different from Shmelyov's story. Not a story, not literature, but a play with actors playing something not close for them, but characters that would provoke real acting. Then, among other things, Yegor suggested (it was not Moliere's fist title) us Don Juan. Don Juan is a play I loved for a long time, admired it. When Yegor came up with Don Juan, we quickly agreed. And I really liked that I was suggested to play Sganarelle, that is, not the title role, but the role of the servant. This role was played by Molière, he wrote it for himself. And when Egor suggested that Timofei Tribuntsev should play the role of Don Juan, I liked it twice as much. It was a curious option, I really wanted to put my colleague in such an awkward position. An artist has to bend over backwards with such roles," Raikin said.

According to him, it is always exciting to interpret classics: "We should expect surprises, discoveries, amusements. Well, I don't know if we can do it or not ... We will try very hard."


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