Eurasia to be united on principles of peoples' spiritual consent

Eurasia to be united on principles of peoples' spiritual consent

The first congress of the peoples of Eurasia will be held in June 2017, a member of the Public Chamber, TV host Nikolai Drozdov said. On the occasion of the Day of People's Unity Drozdov said that taking into account the global crisis, terrorism, armed conflicts, the people of Russia and the countries of Eurasia must declare the inadmissibility of military aggression in the new millennium: "We as mankind can survive only if we choose peace and cooperation. The powerful propaganda machines, which repeatedly reinforce military inhumane rhetoric, should stop increasing tension in the world. It is necessary to silence them."

Drozdov also called attention to the environmental problems: "There is a progressive destruction of the environment. It should get the status of one of the most pressing issues in our world. Only through common global initiative, we can deal with the global environmental issue, because, as the ancient used to say, a great wave shakes all boats. If we put up with what is happening, the best times will never come."

Commenting on the initiative to establish an international social movement 'the Assembly of the peoples of Eurasia', Drozdov said: "It's time to build cooperation bridges, it's time to unite. The new movement, which will be based on the principles of the peoples' spiritual consent, is able to overcome political and economic boundaries that divide us. Our way is the way of rapprochement and peace. Our tools are the cultural development, the struggle for human rights, respect for peoples and participation in joint social projects. As the great peacemaker Mahatma Gandhi said: "Be the change that you wish to see in the world".

The Public Movement 'Living Planet' offers a number of large-scale strategic projects, which will form the basis of the new social organization's program.

Drozdov informed about the planned establishing of the first Eurasia channel 'Skaylif TV' and the upcoming installation of the tower-flagpole 'Friendship of Peoples' in the territory of the Olympic Park in Sochi, where the Peoples' Friendship Museum will be also organized. "This has already been agreed at a meeting with the mayor of Sochi,"the member of the Public Chamber added. In addition, according to him, a program of the East-Siberian cultural and business forum of the peoples of Eurasia is being developed: "If we want to gather the nations of Eurasia, it is better to do it not in Moscow, but in one of the cities in Siberia, because Siberia is a bridge between Europe and Asia."

Simultaneously, the third international high-latitude Arctic expedition 'The Pole of Peace and Friendship 2017' is being prepared. "There have already been two expeditions to the North Pole - to the Svalbard archipelago and Iceland. Now we think about Greenland," Drozdov said, calling on people of good will to join the social movement, because "only together can resist violence, aggression and put our common efforts to change the world in a positive way".