"Great Victory Achieved Through Unity" forum will be held for the tenth time

"Great Victory Achieved Through Unity" forum will be held for the tenth time

The 10th International Winners Forum "Great Victory Achieved Through Unity" will be held on April 25 in St. Petersburg. This forum will be attended by 250 delegates from Russia and the CIS countries. Executive director of the North-South political science center, Angelica Trapeznikova, expressed hope that this forum will become a platform for cooperation between representatives of different generations, united by the common goal of not only preserving historical memory of the Great Patriotic War as the most important foundation of values in the post-Soviet space, but also by the common goal of building future of all the Eurasian states.

"Over the past years, our initiative has grown stronger and significantly expanded its format from all-Russian to interstate. Today it's a respectable and, in many ways, unique dialogue platform where representatives of different states, generations, fields of activity gather to exchange experiences and work together in order to consolidate efforts to preserve historical memory of the World War II, countering distortion of objective historical knowledge, reminding about role and contribution of representatives of all peoples of the former USSR in the victory over Nazism," Trapeznikova said.

According to her, the choice of venue for annual forum is determined by topics, which organizers are trying to diversify and which reflect the most significant topics of the Great Patriotic War, events and processes that have become important factors in achieving the Great Victory. Leitmotif of the forum, which will be held on April 25 in St. Petersburg, was chosen based on significant date - 75th anniversary of lifting of the Leningrad blockade. "Liberation of Leningrad is one of the most tragic and, at the same time, one of the most heroic pages of not only World War II, but also the entire history of human civilization, because in the history of mankind, there is no other example when a city with such a huge population would be under blockade and suffering from famine for 900 days and not only survived, but also courageously fought the enemy. Greatness of the feat of defenders of Leningrad, despite vain attempts of modern falsifiers to distort history of the hero-city's defense, is indisputable. This feat was and will be a reference point for descendants of the victorious peoples in their mission to preserve historical memory, adhere to ideals of peace, friendship and good neighborliness," Trapeznikova believes.

Great program was prepared for participants of this forum. There will be 250 delegates from all countries of the Commonwealth, the republics of the Baltic States, Georgia, veterans of the Second World War, residents of besieged Leningrad, their descendants, representatives of state authorities, leaders of public organizations, scientists, historians, political scientists and the media.

The day will begin with solemn ceremony of laying wreaths at the Eternal Flame, the Monument to Motherland in the Piskarevsky cemetery. Then there will be a solemn laying of memorial stone ”The Great Victory Achieved Through Unity” in the square of Menshikovsky Prospect. Presidential Library named after Boris Yeltsin will host an open plenary session, where greeting to participants on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation is expected. This forum will continue to work in sections on various topics.


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