History test of the victory over fascism

History test of the victory over fascism

International action "History test of the victory in the Great Patriotic War" was held in late April. Summing up its results, Maria Voropaeva, chairman of the youth parliament under Russia's State Duma, said that this international action has a second title - "History test of the victory over fascism".

"This year's action was held on the territory of all federal subjects of Russia and 51 countries, including countries of the former USSR, Europe, and Asia. The largest number of participants abroad was registered in China, where 320 people participated in the test... This action is organized by youth parliaments for youth and the number of those who help to organize this action abroad is growing every year. We get help from our compatriots, those who leave abroad, schools under embassies, Russian cultural centers. This year we registered over 519 thousand participants, whose average age is around 21 years. This year the number of those who participate in the online test increased, reaching 209 thousand people. Over 42 thousand people living abroad passed this test," Maria Voropayeva said.

According to her, regions where largest battles took place showed the best results, in particular the Kursk region and the Republic of Crimea. "Regions that scored 19-20 points on average out of 30 possible were in the top ten, but the average score this year also slightly increased - to 17.62 points out of 30 possible."

Chairman of the Moscow City Duma Alexei Shaposhnikov noted that the "History test of the victory over fascism" is one of the most effective instruments in fight against falsification of history of the Great Patriotic War, because it's possible to reach souls and minds of the younger generation who don't live in our country only through knowledge. "Moscow traditionally participates in this test. We often hold it in the Moscow Parliamentary Center, where everyone can participate. This year we also held it at another large platform - the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War. The Moscow City Duma has been implementing patriotic program dedicated to the memory of the Moscow People's Militia for four years already. When 16 divisions were formed in 1941, those were not soldiers but students, workers, elderly people, artists... There often fought against fascists without weapons. Almost none of them returned home. Our program allows residents of Moscow to learn about what happened in 1941, when fierce battles took place near Moscow, which became the first obstacle that the fascist army couldn't overcome."


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