Karabakh echo would not be heard in Russia

Karabakh echo would not be heard in Russia

For the Azerbaijani diaspora in Russia, the military clashes in Nagorno-Karabakh, which began on April 2nd, became the difficult, tragic news. The head of the Council of Elders of the Azerbaijani Community of Russia, Sardar Abdullayev, said: "We all mourn for the victims of the hostilities. At the same time, the events surrounding Nagorno-Karabakh became the most serious challenge for us Russian Azerbaijanis. This challenge requires a certain reaction from us, and most importantly – a unified coordinated position. A reconciliation regime was maintained for almost 22 years. When it was violated, unfortunately, along with attempts to provide an objective picture of what is happening, a flow of inaccurate information appeared in some media. False information about the alleged presence of Turkish troops on the territory of Azerbaijan, about large-scale military preparations in Baku and so on appeared. The goal of this campaign is clear. To make Azerbaijan the only culprit and fully justify the other side of the conflict,‘’ Sardar Abdullayev said.

However, he reminded that the Azerbaijani side gave the order to unilaterally cease fire: "This means that Azerbaijan is ready to continue negotiations in order to resolve the longstanding problem of the Karabakh conflict in an international format."

The Council of Elders of the Azerbaijani Community of Russia called on Azerbaijanis living and working in Russia to show responsibility and respect to the country. "Russia is a country bound by contractual obligations with Azerbaijan and Armenia. And an escalation of the situation around Karabakh is not beneficial to any side. What can our community do in these circumstances in order to strengthen Russian-Azerbaijani relations? First of all, support the actions of President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, who takes all possible measures to end the conflict in the Caucasus. Next, explain to people within our national organizations that military ways of resolving disputes should remain in the historical past. It is not suitable for the 21st century. We need to work with young people especially tactfully and convincingly, in order to prevent young people from excessive fervency and manifestations of patriotic feelings. It must be understood that we live in Russia, and we must strictly follow its laws. But as the Azerbaijani proverb goes – 'It takes two to tango'. So we need to interact with the representatives of Armenian national organizations in Russia, to prevent undesirable excesses among young people together. We have experience of such work."

Sardar Abdullayev expressed hope that the Karabakh echo won’t be heard in Russia. "Such a position of the Azerbaijani diaspora will have a beneficial effect on Russian-Azerbaijani relations and will become our common contribution to their strengthening. Russian Azerbaijanis are an influential force in every respect. Our position must definitely be expressed in unconditional support for the peace initiatives of the national leader, Ilham Aliyev, and the government of Azerbaijan. We must support the proposals on the conflict settlement that the Russian President Putin offers. The entire world experience shows that the more military action continues, the more unhappy people become, the deeper the seeds of hatred and revenge sink into the soul. These are fruitless seeds that generate only more suffering and destruction."


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