"Khosrov and Shirin" book wins MIBF-2019 grand prix

"Khosrov and Shirin" book wins MIBF-2019 grand prix

The VDNH hosts main literary holiday of the fall - the 32nd Moscow International Book Fair. Over 600 events are held in its framework, including round tables, master classes, meetings with famous writers. This exhibition gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the best publishers from around the world. Indeed, despite wide reach of electronic media, print media don't lose their popularity.

One of the guests is Turkish publisher who works on the Baku magazine, well known to Russian reader thanks to efforts of the editor-in-chief Leyla Aliyeva.

Azerbaijan regularly participates in such exhibitions around the world. However, there's always been special relationship with Moscow book community - the republic annually brings its best publications to the Russian capital, which are always in demand among visitors of exhibitions like that. National stand welcomes guests near the main entrance to the exhibition.

This exposition is extremely informative: books on the history of Azerbaijan, biographies of the great people, art masterpieces, architectural albums, publications on the oil industry, and, of course, culinary collections.

"Moscow public is reading a lot. Many people are interested in our books. After all, we're countries of the post-Soviet space, that's why Russian language is very popular in our countries, many books are published in Russian. That's what brings us together. We print books in other languages, but mostly in Azerbaijani and Russian. The Moscow international exhibition is much closer and dearer to us than other exhibitions," Rafik Kyazimov, deputy director of the Sharg-Garb publishing house, said.

Quality of book production in Azerbaijan is praised not only by ordinary readers, but also by organizers of the events like this one. This year the festival’s grand prix was won by the book of medieval poet and thinker Nizami Ganjavi “Khosrov and Shirin”.

The Republic of Azerbaijan is one of the few countries where respect for the language of Pushkin and Lermontov was preserved even after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

"In Baku, many people want to read in Russian. We have a lot of textbooks printed in Russian. I will tell you honestly, there are more people reading Russian compared to other languages," Jamiliya Alekperova, executive director of the Azerkitab Publishing House, said.

In total, representatives of 33 countries of the world participate in this year's fair. Iran, Armenia, Belarus and even the Arab emirate of Sharjah brought their new products.

Today is the last day of the exhibition.


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