Lucifer in the guise of Armenian

Lucifer in the guise of Armenian

The release of former Armenian President Robert Kocharian from custody caused a mixed reaction in Armenian society. So, this week, those who did not agree with this decision broke into the hall, where Kocharyan's press conference was held and disrupted it by screaming "Assassin!". Today, the ex-president is rewarded with other unflattering epithets. So, Ruben Grigoryan in writes:

He really looks like the devil. One day someone called him that, and apparently it did not seem strange to anybody as if he was called by his own name.

Robert Kocharyan. He was the President of Armenia. And how many Armenians would be infinitely proud if they were lucky enough to become the head of their native country? I think, infinitely many of them.

Why? Because we are the sons of a great nation. Yes, because we have a great history and culture (no matter how much we are oppressed by the barbaric tribes polluting our way of life), we are alive and living!

But the devil incarnate is among us and he is our worst enemy. An Armenian with Armenian genes, with his intelligence and talent, can become an evil genius. Henceforth, anyone who carries in his genes even a drop of Armenian blood and goes against his people is an enemy. The enemy is more than anyone else. And a curse to him. And it should be immoral for any decent person, whether he is a doctor, a lawyer, a judge or a courier, to protect these people. We live and die, our age is short. But we are people, and therefore everything that is against survival is against the human nature: greed, insatiability, disliking for man and God.

And especially to his people and to his God. They cannot be protected, because the law is not written for them, and they are outside the law.

He was the president of my homeland. And he left behind only poverty and grief. He was the president, and he found the courage to say ‘shoot’. He raised his hand against the holiest - his people. For what? Now he speaks of the constitutional necessity. It was impossible to break the basic law.

And whether breaking the law and baring the boundaries by involving the army is not a violation of the Constitution? A person who must be the guarantor of the Constitution violates it and puts himself outside the law.

The legal incident is that inviolability refers to the president, who fulfills his duties, and does his duty include violating the law? And if someone says that this has not been proved, and only after the trial this can be stated, then I will say - no! A criminal case has been opened and the prosecution filed charges, which means that there is a solid evidence. This is the truth. And the truth is that both the judges and lawyers were in the service of the devil. Such is the truth of the current affairs.

And which of these people thought about the pain? About that endless pain, which is worse than the hell’s agony. Who thought about those mothers whose sons were taken away. And they can not understand what for. And who is to blame? Or does anyone dare to think that it is easy to raise a son?

The mother of one of them said: "I would accept the loss of my son if he died for his Motherland." A great mother indeed. The mother of our Motherland. But why did they die? Maybe for the prosperity of our land? But no! You see what it turned into during these long years ...

And that means that he and his supporters, both then and now, are children of the devil.

And one more thing, and I'm not just talking about this, but screaming out loud. Enough to play legality in the game of the so-called ‘Revolution’.

Revolutions occur when those who were called to protect the law turned it into a rag to wipe their dirty shoes. And it is simply impossible to improve the situation without violating the law at some time because they have subordinated this very law to their own and only their own interests.

In the name of the Motherland and the people, it is necessary to complete the revolution!

This is the best time to be a patriot!