Madjid Samii: "Peoples' power is in their brain"

Madjid Samii: "Peoples' power is in their brain"

This spring, Russian Academy of Sciences granted prestigious Nikolay Pirogov gold medal to Professor Madjid Samii at the general meeting of the academy members.

He is president of the International Neuroscience Institute (INI), housed in a unique building whose exterior is designed to resemble the human brain, where he develops advanced medical technologies for nervous system disease diagnosis and treatment. INI combines all physicians in neurology, neurosurgery, neuroradiology, ENT, orthopedics who treat patients with neurological disorders.

Madjid Samii was awarded for his work of a fundamental nature in the field of neuro-oncology, reconstructive neurosurgery and microneurosurgery with the use of modern high-tech complex of navigation and monitoring techniques. Now he teaches young neurosurgeons, being the President of international neuroscience institutes in Germany, China and Iran; President of the Board of Trustees of AWD Children's Assistance Foundation; Director Emeritus of the Neurosurgical Clinic, Nordstadt Hospital in Hannover; Honorary President of the German Society of Skull Base Surgery; Honorary President of CURAC - German Society of Computer and Robot-Assisted Surgery.

Madjid Samii contributed to the organization of neurosurgical training courses of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and was an active organizer of joint Russian-German Neurosurgical conferences in Moscow and Hanover.

In his speech after receiving the award, Madjid Samii said: "It is a great honor to get this medal of the Russian Academy of Sciences. No other place in Russia has such an atmosphere, such people. When I walked into this room, I just thought that we often think about the power of man. As a brain researcher, I can say that the power of a person is in his brain. And this is where I see the true power of man. Therefore, I am honored to receive this award in this room!"


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