Magsud smiles at everyone

Magsud smiles at everyone

People's writer of Azerbaijan, playwright and director Magsud Ibrahimbayov has been commemorated in Baku at an event at Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theatre, titled 'Magsud smiles at everyone'. Ibrahimbekov was born in Baku in 1935, he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Polytechnic Institute, the Higher Scenario and Higher Directing Courses in Moscow, he wrote his works in Russian, but his every work, his entire work is permeated with deep love for his native land, his origins, his roots. And his beloved city of Baku very often was the main character in his works.

The first vice-president of Azerbaijan, Mehriban Aliyeva, speaking at the memorial event, recalled that the characters from the works of Magsud Ibrahimbayov came to life on the stage of the Russian Drama Theater for many years. "Close friends, relatives, admirers of the talent of the great writer Magsud Ibrahimbayov gathered in this theater today to express deep love and respect for this Man with a capital M. Of course, Magsud muallim has more admirers than this hall can accommodate. "

Magsud Ibrahimbayov's work not only enriched Azerbaijani culture and art, but also made a significant contribution to the world cultural heritage. "Magsud muallim was an unusually bright and versatile person. A dramatist and a cinema figure, the president of the PEN Club, a member of parliament, the brightest interlocutor and brightest polemicist. When one person combines so many extraordinary talents and abilities, people say: "it is God's gift." Indeed, it is God's gift. But, first of all, Magsud Ibrahimbayov was a great writer. For my generation, which grew up within a limited space and ideological framework, fiction was an absolutely necessary component of being. Books were a source of the most versatile knowledge for us. Reading of fiction allowed us to push the boundaries, break artificial barriers, find answers to many silent questions. And most importantly, the high literary word was not intrusive, it educated us without dogma, without pathetic, helping to lay the foundation of morality and spirituality. I believe that it is a basis that is necessary for every person throughout his life, whether in professional activity or personal life. That is the time when the great master Magsud Ibrahimbayov lived and worked," Mehriban Aliyeva said.

His prose is sometimes dynamic, sometimes sad, sometimes dramatic, but always very sincere and full of profound philosophical meaning. Ibrahimbekov was able to find the deep meaning in details and tell about it in simple, plain and accessible language.

"Everyone who once appealed to his creativity, then repeatedly returned to his works and each time found something new. Each of his works conveys the spirit of the time and makes you think. Think about the meaning of life, about the destiny, the destiny of everyone in this life. And without any doubt, only someone with real great talent can do it," the first vice-president of Azerbaijan stressed.

According to her, Magsud Ibrahimbayov stood firm in his principles throughout his whole life: "He was never afraid to express his opinion, or criticize. His journalist works are the brightest layer of Azerbaijani journalism. Most importantly, Magsud muallim was a caring person during all his life. He knew when to stay and be needed, he wasn't indifferent. With the passing of time, people will understand the merits of the great Azerbaijani writer Magsud Ibrahimbayov in the development of Azerbaijani culture and art much better and deeper".

The writer's widow Anna Ibrahimbekova, the first deputy director general of the TASS agency Mikhail Gusman and, of course, the actors of the Azerbaijan State Russian Drama Theater, who voiced excerpts from Maksud Ibrahimbayov's works, also attended the event.


Maksud Ibrahimbayov is the author of novels, novellas and short stories that were published in various periodicals of the world and the country. Including in the 'Azerbaijan', 'Friendship of Peoples', 'The New World', 'Youth', 'Roman-gazeta', 'Literary Azerbaijan'. His prose works 'To All That is Good-Death', 'Who Will Go to Truskavets?', 'There Was Never a Better Brother', 'Let Him Stay with Us', 'An Owl Flew By', 'A Story with a Happy End' were turned into a movie. Maksud Ibrahimbayov's prose translated into 36 foreign languages.

His wrote plays 'Mesozoic Story' (1975), 'To All That is Good - Death' (1978), 'A Man for a Young Woman' (1993), 'The Oil Boom is Smiling at Everyone' (2001), 'The Final Restaurant' (2006), 'Rolls-Royce of Her Majesty' (2009). The plays have been staged in more than 60 theaters and performed by famous stage masters.

Films under Maksud Ibrahimbayov's scenarios 'A Man for a Young Woman', 'Waltz of the Golden Calfs', 'One for All', 'Serenade Interrupted', 'Because I'm Aivar Lidak', 'Bit of A Spring Holiday', 'An Owl Flew By', 'A Comfortable Place in the Square', 'Who Will Go to Truskavets?', 'Say that you love me', 'One fine day', 'Mesozoic Story', 'The Secret of A Mountain Dungeon', 'You, My Song', 'Let Him Stay with Us', 'The Main Interview', 'I Remember You, Teacher', 'The Last Night of Childhood' and others, included in the fund of national cinematography.


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