Moscow prepares a platform for inter-Syrian dialogue

Moscow prepares a platform for inter-Syrian dialogue

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has appointed facilitators of four inter-Syrian working groups on four thematic blocks – political issues, security issues, military and counter-terrorism issues, restoration and development issues. Moscow hopes that the work of these coordinators will contribute to the creation of a constructive collective platform of opposition for its future negotiations with the Syrian authorities and the establishment of inter-Syrian dialogue, but at the same time negotiate with the representatives of the internal Syrian opposition themselves.

This week the President's special representative for the Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, met with members of the leadership of the Syrian Committee of Patriotic Democratic Action Mahmoud Marai, Yasir Karim, Credit Mays, Secretary General of the "Syrian National Party of Youth" Suheyr Sarmin, as well as representative of the Syrian National Movement Samir Havvash.

As Mahmoud Marais stated after the meeting, "we have a working plan for a political solution, which is based on a dialogue between the internal and external opposition on the one hand and the Syrian government on the other hand in order to come together in a coalition government. We have to discuss a lot of issues, especially the situation of prisoners. We have to think about the local elections, parliamentary elections and other issues. And that the transitional government will run for two years. The elections will be prepared during these two years, all the political prisoners and captives will be released."

Concerning the problem of Syrian refugees, Mahmoud Marais stated: "So many Syrians are emigrating, either within the region or the country or outside. And it is a brain drain. Many young people leave Syria, they have a lot of experience in science, technology. They are doctors, lawyers. 11 thousand dentists, for example, have left Syria. We must not allow such a brain drain from Syria. Therefore, we have been creating a national unity government for two years to prepare for a General National Congress, to prepare a new constitution. We want to do everything possible to prevent the split of Syria as a state, and we cooperate with our Russian friends, holding consultations with the Russian Foreign Ministry."

Credit Mays noted: "We are now resorting to the assistance of the Russian Federation to ensure that Russia could guarantee us a continuation of our struggle against terrorism. Yes, we have problems in Syria. They are connected with security issues associated with the regime, with its policies, the threat to democracy. We have to do a lot in order to restructure the political system, as many political forces, especially the leftists, were oppressed. And now, when we see the process of Islamization, radical Islamization of the region, which aims to eliminate a number of the regimes, our actions indeed are of great importance.

Credit complained that "the regional powers, and especially the Gulf countries, have provided finance to present this case as a kind of movement against the regime. In fact, they only encourage the destructive role of these forces and promote the Islamization, and more than that, the radical Islamization of these countries. We must do everything to find a political solution, a political settlement of the crisis, in order to go further on the right way and continue our fight against the terrorist forces, against Islamic State. We must do everything to protect our country, which is under attack. Today the Syrian people are behind the formula of a political settlement."


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