Only autonomy can save Yazidis in Armenia

Only autonomy can save Yazidis in Armenia

Yazidis demand establishment of Yazidistan in Armenia under U.S. protectorate. It was stated by Sultan Kalash, the leader among Yazidis, in Washington. He noted that he sent a corresponding letter to U.S. President Donald Trump. According to Eurasia News, the Prince of Yazidis in the world said that considering interests of the Yazidi population of Armenia, it was necessary to establish the state of Yazdistan that could be under protectorate of the U.S. and that could be considered a national administrative territory of the United States.

According to him, otherwise, 2 million Yazidis are under a threat of genocide. Sultan Kalash noted that Yazidis suffered discrimination from their Armenian neighbors. The Prince of Yazidis of the world said that establishment of a Yazidi state is determined by the fact that, according to some information, G7 members agreed to establish a Yazidi state on the Armenian territory. He said that for the reason of discrimination in Armenia where Yazidis had been living for five thousand years, 10 thousand Yazidis had already moved from the country to Europe, the U.S., and Russia. “The problem can be solved only by the United States as the army of the country is the most powerful in the world. Thus, we address to the U.S. government and personally President Trump to save Yazidis, provide them with peaceful life and sovereignty,” – Prince said.


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