Pros and cons of migration

Pros and cons of migration

On December 10-11, a new migration pact was adopted at the UN conference in Morocco. The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration, on which the UN has been working for one and a half years, was officially adopted in Marrakech. The document provoked an outcry on the part of several countries. Meanwhile, according to professor at the Institute of Public Administration and Law of the State University of Management Vladimir Volokh, migration, like any other social phenomenon, has both negative and positive effects.

"Positive factors relate to communication between people all over the world. These are cultural ties, science and education ties, the development of advanced technologies, including information technologies. Today it is difficult to imagine that some state and its peoples do not participate in migration processes. Migration in a broad sense. This includes educational migration, migration of scientific personnel, tourism, and those people who come for treatment or to visit their friends, etc. That is, this is a very wide range of migrants. When we talk about positive factors, then investments should be noted. We know that a large number of Russian enterprises are built with the participation of foreign investors, this is the participation of migrants as well. We all know that, according to scientists and economists, 7-9% of the country's GDP determined by migrant labor.

There are a number of humanitarian factors - the granting of asylum to those persecuted in their home countries for political beliefs, for belonging to certain social circles, for religion, language, etc. That is, it is a very wide range of issues," Vladimir Volokh said.

Commenting on the migration crisis in Europe, he said: “It was generated by factors that have developed in a number of states of the Asian and African continents, as well as distortions in the state migration policy of the EU and a number of EU countries. Most of the emphasis was placed on humanitarian factors. I fully support this great achievement, the conquest of all the world's progressive humanity, but at the same time the humanitarian factors associated with granting asylum must be combined with measures related to preventing and suppressing illegal migration. In European countries, there was a definite bias in favor of humanitarian factors, and less attention to the prevention of illegal migration. In addition, European countries had no experience of migration management, with some media distorting and dramatizing  the situation."


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