Rosnano makes record profit

Rosnano makes record profit

Yesterday, summing up the work of Rosnano for 2018, the company's chairman of the board, Anatoly Chubais, stated that the company’s net profit amounted to 5.6 billion rubles: “We have been having profit for many years, but this time the sum is record-high. It gives us an opportunity to decide on the size of dividends that we think is right to pay to the federal budget. We will propose to the Board of Directors, further to the shareholders to pay 550 million rubles to the federal budget. This figure is also a record one. Though we have already paid dividends to the budget once. "

Among the profit’s sources, Chubais named ”our main business, project management, building plants, completed projects. Last year, for the first time, we attracted three rubles from our partners for one our ruble. Now we mainly work through the creation of funds, and in these funds, the most important issue is “leverage”, that is, the ratio of the volume of investments of the anchor investor Rosnano and the volume of investments attracted by outside investors. We started with the proportions one to one, then one to two. In the past year, the fund with the proportion of one to three was created, but we hope that this is not the limit, our strategy is building up this ”leverage”, so we will move on."

Rosnano was established in 2011 as a result of the reorganization of the Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, which, in turn, was established in 2007. Therefore, Chubais also compared the results achieved with the costs over the past 10 years of the company's operation. "The figure from which Rosnano began 10 years ago was 130 billion rubles. These were budget allocations. However, we have not received any new money from the budget for four years. We regularly monitor the figures for the amount of tax payments of companies we have created. If we sum up all taxes that the project companies built by us and with our participation paid to the budget, we’ll get a figure of 132.4 billion rubles. From this year, all the state’s expenses for the creation of Rosnano are returned. This means that now we have the additional result, additional delta, additional profit. The longer these companies operate, the greater will be the total budget earnings from the creation of Rosnano, ”Chubais assured.

According to him, Rosnano created 97 companies in 37 regions of Russia: "They work, produce products. The total sales of products of the Rosnano portfolio companies during this time amounted to 1 trillion 760 billion rubles."