Russia - US: masks off

Russia - US: masks off

The US Senate passed the bill on sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, 98-2. Soon the bill will be sent to President Donald Trump, who theoretically can veto it, but the Congress will manage to bypass his decision with a majority of votes.

The chairman of the Federation Council’s Foreign Affairs committee, Konstantin Kosachev, commenting on the bill toughening US sanctions against Russia, said: "The situation is extremely worrying. The sanctions will affect not only Russia and other countries mentioned in the law, but also the EU. We are witnessing the culmination of a thoughtless policy of the last 25 years, when the Americans claimed to be the sole leader in the world, having lost their rival in the form of the Soviet Union, having lost the state of the inter-bloc rivalry. Transatlantic solidarity and the NATO format have worked well. In such circumstances, the Americans have lost their sense of reality. They have ceased to relate their own understanding of the world order, of the real situation in the world".

According to Kosachev, for a long time it seemed that the fundamental position of US legislation, which provides for the priority of domestic law over the external one, is nothing more than a legal construct, which has no practical impact. "In fact, it has serious political consequences, because Americans repeatedly demonstrate that international law is secondary to them, that they are ready to follow it only when it meets national American legislation and national American interests. I repeat once again that it is an extremely disturbing position, because the US in its vision of the modern world apparently is not ready to stop at nothing".

The Senator compared American and Russian legislative practices and concluded that the latter is the only true: "Russia recognizes the priority of international law. However, many believe that this construct automatically makes international law mandatory in the territory of the Russian Federation. It's not true, because there is a constitutional institution of ratification of any international agreements. Through the decisions of the parliament, we launch these international documents into the legal space of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, according to our school of thought, if the international community agrees about something and we agree with it, our own national legislation, our own national interests become subordinate to these international agreements. We are ready to sacrifice something for the sake of constructive and favourable situation in international relations. It's the only true philosophy in the modern world. Only this can create stability and conditions for international relations. And the American approach is directly opposite. But if they have not dared yet to implement it openly, then now all the masks taken off".