Russia expects dialogue with Europe in anti-terrorist sphere

Russia expects dialogue with Europe in anti-terrorist sphere

Over a few weeks, we learn about another terrorist attack and deaths of innocent people everyday. “We must say ‘Stop’ to this. Europe should begin resisting terrorism effectively. The European Commission, European politicians and officials must think over the problem and start acting effectively. This is their duty,” the Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo said yesterday.

A European MP from the UK, David Coburn, stated that integration of migrants into the European community and uprooting of an ethnic ghetto practice could be a tool for the anti-terrorist struggle. “It is a real franchising which any objector, offended or insane can join… The coexistence strategy that was chosen by European leaders toward refugees from other regions of the world was unacceptable. Migrants should adapt to conditions and a way of life in Europe rather than establish closed communities,” Coburn believes. According to him, Europe shouldn’t receive more migrants till those who have already come are assimilated there.

Meanwhile, Andrei Baklanov, an advisor of the Deputy President of the Federation Council, thinks that the Europeans feel that national security agencies are unable to protect them, and we see no adequate measures by ruling politicians in European countries. “The number of militants who are involved into underground or direct terrorist organizations is about 120 thousand. 75-80 thousand of them are fighting against governments in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, and so on. 35-40 thousand are potential militants who are living in foreign countries, including Europe. This is a huge power. To prepare a significant terrorist attack, they need from 1 to 10 attackers. Money is not really big: one need 25-100 thousand to prepare a loud terrorist attack. Western politicians should take care about a real threat from international terrorist organizations which are becoming bolder and bolder over the last years, feeling impunity and ability to organize significant attacks in various countries of the world,” Baklanov thinks.

He recalled that Russia warned Western colleagues about such a scenario long ago: “We were following our line to conduct honest talks about the issue with all our partners. Unfortunately, our warnings came true. It is time for all responsible actors, including European leaders, to make responsible decisions and to start a real constructive dialogue with us. We don’t see it now, but we expect it.”