Russia's victorious World Aquatics Championships

Russia's victorious World Aquatics Championships

The Russian national team finished third in the overall medals standings of the World Aquatics Championships, which was held in Budapest recently. Russian athletes won 25 medals, 11 of which are gold. The USA team won the most of medals - 46 (21 gold, 12 silver and 13 bronze). The Chinese finished second with 30 medals (12-12-6). The Russians were third with 25 medals (11-6-8).

Vice-president of the Russian Synchronized Swimming Federation, the head coach of the Russian national synchronized swimming team Tatyana Pokrovskaya said that all the athletes and coaches were well prepared for these championships, despite the large number of debutants: "We had a solo debut. The head coach of the Russian team Tatiana Danchenko was worried about it. I was a little worried as well, because when such famous athletes as Ishchenko and Romashina leave, the rest can be unfairly refereed. But Sveta Kolesnichenko did not leave them a chance. As soon as she came on stage, everyone understood that we have a new soloist, and I hope, for a long time. We were worried about the duet of "mermaids", because before we had Ishchenko and Romashina, and now we have fragile Kolesnichenko and Patskevich, who look more like children of mermaids. But they did it well".

According to Tatyana Pokrovskaya, the athletes accomplished their programme: "They have worked for every medal, it's not like one could win medals for nothing. The general level is growing now, coaches in other countries work as well. Girls did a good job, at training they showed one result, but at competitions it was much better. All honor to the trainers and athletes".