Social elevator for youth of three faiths

Social elevator for youth of three faiths

On December 14, Moscow will host the 'Russia into the Future!' forum, which will bring together young leaders from the Orthodox, Muslim and Jewish communities. Each community holds contests for young leaders.

The chairman of the Council for Youth Affairs under Patriarch, Inal Ardzinba, explained that the forum provides a platform for young leaders, because the community can be a serious social elevator: "A huge number of young leaders should be able to grow and work at a more responsible level. The contests have started a month ago - expert councils of each community chose young people. As a result of these contests, 15 people (five from each of the three communities) will form a personnel reserve, and we will support these guys by launching a mentoring program. Mentoring is an important social phenomenon which gives certain results. We will pick up mentors for the guys. On Friday, winners of competitions, mentors, as well as the action program of the children will be presented at the forum 'Russia - into the future!"

A spokesman for the Chief Rabbi of Russia, Gershon Kogan, said that "the idea of mentoring is an organic part of the Jewish tradition, the Jewish worldview. The values which are embedded in the Oral Torah are passed down through the generations, from the older to the younger. Everything which will be discussed at the forum is consistent with the spirit of Jewish tradition."

The mufti of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, Albir Krganov, noted that "there have been attempts to tear young people away from their roots in the whole world - both in Europe and in the Arab countries. Which is not good, because when a person forgets his history, national and religious roots, traditions, he loses his core. It is important for us living in this large, multiethnic, multi-religious country like Russia to take this factor into account. We have lived for centuries, maintaining our individuality, but respecting each other. Our strength is unity of diversity."

The acting deputy head of the Synodal Department for Youth Affairs, monk Kyprianos (Burkov) recalled that "there are moral rules at the heart of each religion aimed at making us live in peace and harmony. with young people to live in peace, friendship, harmony. The cooperation planned withing this project is aimed at working together with young people to live in peace, friendship and harmony. It is important that our young people have, as they say in a secular environment, a social elevator in order to realize their talents."