Award finds a hero

Award finds a hero

The Deputy Minister of Defence, Kerim Veliyev, awarded a colonel-lieutenant of the reserve Sergey Uvarov, who fought in the 1990s for the integrity of Azerbaijan, in the embassy of Azerbaijan in Moscow. Sergei Uvarov was awarded the state award of Azerbaijan ‘For Military Merit’ for his courage, bravery and conscientious attitude to the cause of strengthening of the Armed Forces.

"Thank you for remembering. This award was going here, to Russia, for 22 years. Thanks to my comrades. These are all those who created the Azerbaijani Armed Forces for 22 years. I am very happy that there is an opportunity to communicate, to see how a hometown of Baku and Azerbaijan as a whole are flourishing,’’ Sergey Uvarov said.

"Azerbaijan faced with aggression from the Armenian side. During the war, many serving in Azerbaijan joined their comrades and together with the Azerbaijani people  defended the independence and integrity of Azerbaijan. Uvarov is awarded with the high state award for their courage, bravery and good attitude, strengthening of the country's Armed  Forces,  Veliyev said.

Answering the question of Vestnik Kavkaza about Russia's role in the Karabakh settlement, Kerim Veliyev said: "Russia plays a very important role, because Russia is a co-chair of the OSCE Minsk Group, and its role is extraordinary."