Wives of diplomats and Turkish ambassador to dance in Tbilisi

Wives of diplomats and Turkish ambassador to dance in Tbilisi

On March 3rd, the wives of diplomats accredited in Georgia will give a concert in Tbilisi and dance Georgian dances. Thus, they want to support women struggling with breast cancer, and also pay tribute to Georgia. According to the News of Georgia, the concert was initiated by Swedish ambassador’s wife Katharina Tidestrom. The ex-soloist of the world-famous Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvili, Teya Darchia is engaged in choreography. The performance will take place in Darchia’s Dance Workshop.

"It was Mrs. Katharina who initiated this project. At first, she brought me one of her children to dance, then the second, then she herself came and brought other parents. Then she wanted to share this happiness with other people and, first of all, with her colleagues,” Teya Darchia told journalists.

”There is a project entitled ‘Women for women’. We show solidarity with women who have breast cancer. That is why we wear pink ribbons - this is an international sign of support for cancer patients. For us, it is a very important goal. As for dance, I want to thank Teya for that she brings joy and love when she dances. When you experience these emotions, you want to share them with others. We dance for Georgia. We try to feel the Georgian spirit through these dances, " Katharina Tidestrom said.

The wives of the ambassadors of Austria, Germany, the European Union, the regional director of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation will also perform on the stage. In addition, the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Turkey to Tbilisi, Fatma Seren Yazgan, who prior to her assignment to Georgia, served as the Deputy Director General of the Analytics and Security Department of the Turkish Foreign Ministry, will also demonstrate her choreographic mastery.

Fatma Seren Yazgan told that she last danced when she was 12, and now, while dancing Georgian dances, she always wonders how Georgian women manage to maintain such calm, harmony and elegance.

It should be noted that in Georgia dancing is not considered as something unique and only for a narrow circle of the art representatives. Experts say that the country is passionate about complex, challenging the force of gravity folk dances, which show Georgia from the best side. Under the powerful beat of the drums, men perform dances, including dizzying jumps, pirouettes at high speed, and women perform their parts gracefully, charmingly and joyfully.

The diplomats' wives will dance at least three dances. Simd, which is often called Ossetian, as well as Acharuli and Samaya.

Culturologists say that Acharuli is one of the most playful and cheerful dances, red and gold colors prevail in the costumes. Samaya is a purely female dance, formerly considered pagan, but for many centuries it is glorifying Queen Tamara. Three girls, dressed in expensive suits, embroidered with beads and stones, embody the image of the young queen, mother and wise ruler. The movements of the dance are soft and harmonious. The slow, graceful movements of the dancers show the beauty of the queen and her unlimited power.

The March concert will be the second in a row for the wives of diplomats. They gained their first stage experience during the February 10th performance.


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