World Cup 2018: Who provides order and security

World Cup 2018: Who provides order and security

Yesterday, Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium hosted the opening ceremony and the first game of the World Cup, in which the Russian national team defeated Saudi Arabia (5-0). The main arena will host seven World Cup matches, including the final - on July 15.

According to the chairman of the All-Russian Branch Association of Employers Federal Coordination Center 'Moscow', responsible for the protection of the stadium, Oleg Zavalyuev, the work of security agencies was started several months before the championship: "According to law, this is the responsibility of the National Guard and other law enforcement bodies that have the right to ensure public order. Private security forces have the right to interact with law enforcement agencies in matters of ensuring security at such events, therefore, the main role will be played by special forces, which, I hope, will do it unnoticed ... FIFA put forward its security requirements, the city - its own requirements.The search teams were trained, as well as the people who communicate with fans in different languages. This is the whole team providing order, security and hospitality. Therefore, if you see a security guard, you can ask him any questions. There will always be translators on the line, and you should not be afraid of a person in uniform."

Oleg Zavalyuev noted that security companies are working not only at the stadium, but also in places for recreation and training, fan zones and hotels: "This is done in the framework of cooperation with Rosgvardia. We are forces assigned to it only in those places where safety of assets must be ensured, unloading-loading."

Director of the Research Institute for Problems of Security and Sustainable Development, Vladimir Ovsyannikov, proceeds from the fact that there's never too much safety, and better safe than sorry: "We took into account incidents in which fans and infrastructure suffered during riots at similar stadiums in the world. A thorough check to minimize risks was carried out. Today, not only the Federal Service of the National Guard troops have been given primary responsibility, this is also the work of the FSB, moreover, its group with international security centers. Such interaction has been proved effective and reported by [FSB Director, Alexander] Bortnikov, we managed to help Azerbaijan at an international event,  in collaboration with special services it was possible to keep many objects safe, prevent terrorist attacks."

Speaking about the 2018 World Cup unique security measures, Vladimir Ovsyannikov noted the control over unmanned vehicles and logistics directions at all 12 venues of the 
mundial: "We opened widely our doors. The who came here are relaxed, they sing and dance. They walk here and even cars do not scare them. Propaganda did work, the media did work, Russia Today, they called on people to come to the territory to have a good time, participate in an event that is very interesting for football fans and  not to be afraid. That's right. There's nothing to be afraid of. Everything's under control."