"Youth of Eurasia: building the future together.”

"Youth of Eurasia: building the future together.”

Today, the Youth Student Forum “Youth of Eurasia: building the future together,” organized by the Russian North-South Centre, kicked off in Moscow. On the sidelines of the event, Vestnik Kavkaza talked with the participants of the event representing Azerbaijan.

"Such events are useful because the participants exchange experiences, get acquainted, present their projects. We are united by a huge post-Soviet space," a participant from Azerbaijan, Araz Dovlatov said. "The youth is the foundation of any country. In our delegation, the guys represent different educational, innovative, public projects. My project is dedicated to environmentally friendly products. This problem is relevant for Russia, Azerbaijan and the whole world. If you pay attention to my project, you will see it is useful for any country.”

Araz Dovlatov is convinced that ”the youth leadership" should become the trend of the events of this level: "Every person who starts working on his project can become a youth leader. It is a great honor for him.”

Evaluating the level of the volunteer movement in Azerbaijan, Dovlatov said: "Our youth is actively involved in the process of organizing major international events. Volunteering brings people together, allows to share experiences. I think young people make a great contribution to the success of the world-level events."

The forum participant from Azerbaijan, Ayyan Ismailova, noted that the volunteer movement is spread all over the world, and Azerbaijan supports this initiative: ”There were volunteers at the European Games, at the Islamic Games. ASAN (Azerbaijan’s State Agency for Public Services and Social Innovations under the president) also employs a lot of volunteers of different ages. This movement makes a huge contribution to the development of the country and to the development of each participant. I, as a psychologist, participate actively in volunteering. "

Ayyan Ismailova brought with her to Moscow the project entitled ‘School of Political Psychology’. "In Baku, it has been being implemented for two years now. We are promoting the diversified development of young people - we hold trainings on the development of leadership skills, communication skills and negotiation. Also, young people and girls meet with outstanding personalities, learn from their experience, ask questions, communicate with them. In addition, we are creating an interactive platform where they can have practice, including in the Milli Majlis, and send the most active ones to a weekly practice in PACE. I myself was there, too, "said Ayyan Ismailova.

According to her, everyone who interacts with  the youth movement can be called lucky: "I would really like such movements to function in all post-Soviet countries so that young people can learn from each other's experience."

Aiyan Ismailova also thanked the organizers of the forum for the opportunity to learn more about her and other participants’ interests.

The intergovernmental project "Youth of Eurasia: building the future together" is aimed at creating regular communications between student communities of Eurasian states, developing youth competencies for successful implementation of socially significant initiatives, including those promoting humanitarian cooperation and intercultural dialogue. The forum is attended by the representatives of student communities of the CIS countries, Russian universities and non-profit organizations with experience in implementing socially important projects, specialists in project work.