Kabardians describe "The Circassian" as sinister

They consider the film damages their ethnic culture and creates political provocations

The prince of Jordan, Ali ben Al-Hussien, recently decided to shoot a movie about Circassians in Jordan. He asked Mukhadin Kandur to be the director. Kandur agreed, providing he could choose the topic of the movie. The director wanted to show the Circassians coming to Jordan and problems they faced there.

The plot of the film is the following: A young immigrant from the Caucasus, Nart, is going to be a leader of the Circassian community. Meanwhile, he falls in love with the daughter of a sheik, a Bedouin Hind. Nart doesn't speak Arabic, so they express themselves in pantomime. Hind's brother finds out about their love affair and tries to stir up controversy between the Circassian and local Bedouin tribes. The movie tells about the infancy of Jordanian society and culture.

Not everyone likes the movie. After the first run of the film, Kabardian intellectuals wrote an indignant letter. They think that the movie exploits the ethnic dignity of the Circassians. The budget of the movie is $3 million. However, there are only three sets of low quality, the costumes are poor and have nothing in common with ethnic Circassian dress. The plot is improbable too. At the conclusion of the letter they emphasize that the movie is sinister for youth, as it destroys their unique ethnic culture and corrupts their native history.

Kandur, for his part, has taken it very unkindly. He says that all accusations of historic inaccuracy are ridiculous, as all the decorations had been taken from museums.

Meanwhile, the movie has only been released in Jordan. Kandur has been invited to various film festivals in Berlin, Paris, Monaco and Turkey. However, the audiences have generally supported the views of the movie's detractors.

Ekaterina Tesemnikova. Exclusively for VK.