History of the Baku Oil Industry. Part 75


After the discovery of oil fields, Baku became a special place, where various economic and political interests of international coalitions, industrial clans and leaders were concentrated and clashed. VK begins publishing chapters from the book by Ismail Agakishiyev "History of the Baku Oil Industry and the Second Oil Boom (second half of the 19th century - beginning of the 20thcentury)" The book presents a historical analysis of the emergence and current state of the Azerbaijani oil industry. 


The LUKOIL company pays special attention to the development of the education system, especially the training of qualified specialists for the oil industry. In Russia the company cooperates with such universities as the Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas, Perm State Technical University, Tyumen STU, Samara SSTU, Volgograd STU and Arkhangelsk STU. To support the most gifted students, LUKOIL instituted monthly scholarships worth between 700 and 1250 rubles. The company provides universities with modern equipment. The Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas has been equipped with a computer center for geological modelling of hydrocarbons for study and research purposes. 


As noted by V. Alekperov, the LUKOIL company has never concealed the fact that it aims to create a powerful structure, equal in its production capabilities to such corporations as British Petroleum, Shell and ExxonMobil. "Already today - he says, - we are in a leading position in the world rankings on such indicators as oil and gas, as well as the figures of net income and capital." 


By 2003, the company had paid for the higher education of more than 500 young specialists. Since 1997, the "Regulation on special support for graduate and doctoral students working in the system of LUKOIL studying subjects professed in the company (its subsidiaries)" has been operating in the company. According to V. Alekperov, LUKOIL is in dire need of young, energetic employees, whose qualifications allow them to speak "the same language" as their colleagues from the West." 

The Azerbaijan Oil Academy became the first foreign university to have partner relations with LUKOIL, from which V. Alekperov graduated in 1974. The Academy became the first oil higher educational institution in the CIS and the alma mater of many famous oil specialists. From 2002, LUKOIL moved to a new system of relations with specialized higher educational institutions, based on cooperation agreements. In accordance with the agreements, higher educational institutions provide training of specialists for the company, while LUKOIL assists in improving its material-technical base. 


In September 2003 an agreement of that kind was signed by six Russian universities and the Oil Academy of the Azerbaijani Republic. The document was signed by the rector of the Oil Academy, Professor Siyavush Garayev, and V. Alekperov on the part of LUKOIL. The company had a deficit of qualified professionals familiar with regional specifics, with the psychology of people belonging to Muslim culture, and hoped to resolve the issue with the help of graduates of the academy. The parties agreed to actively cooperate in training specialists, organizing research and strengthening the material base of the Oil Academy. In particular, the experts of the company are involved in developing curricula and training programs for future specialists and facilitate internships for the Academy's faculty.


Cooperation between LUKOIL and the university had already begun before the contract was signed. The company renovated the training-methodological center of the Azerbaijani State Oil Academy and equipped it with computers worth more than $4.5 million rubles. The company also presented it with a gift of a library on the oil and gas industry, which included 200 books on the history and development of the fuel and energy complex in Russia and abroad. In September 2003, based on the decision of the Academic Council of the Azerbaijani State Oil Academy, the president of LUKOIL, V. Alekperov was awarded an honorary doctorate of the academy for his contribution to the training and development of the fuel and energy complex of the Azerbaijani Republic. 


In 2001, while continuing to strengthen friendly relations between Russia and Azerbaijan, the LUKOIL company assumed all costs for the development and installation of the first monument to A.S. Pushkin in Azerbaijan. The author of the monument was 96-year-old Yuri Orekhov, an active member of the Russian Academy of Arts. The monument was unveiled on October 11th 2001 in the center of Baku, in a park located at the corner of Pushkin Street and the street named after the famous Azerbaijani composer U. Gadzhibekov. All in all, as a result of various charitable projects during the ten years of its existence (1991-2001), the company had spent $2 million. 


On October 13th 2001 a solemn concert dedicated to the tenth anniversary of LUKOIL and the independence of Azerbaijan took place on Azadlig Square in Baku. V. Alekperov noted the importance of economic cooperation between Azerbaijan and Russia: "The relations between our two countries allow me to look to the future with hope, to see that today not only LUKOIL, but also many other Russian companies will start investing in the Republic of Azerbaijan, while Azerbaijani companies will begin joint projects in Russia." To commemorate the visit of Heydar Aliyev to the new office of LUKOIL, V. Alekperov presented the Azerbaijani president with an original map of the Caspian Sea from 1710 - a unique document worthy of a museum.